Molly’s Birthday!

Yesterday was my best friend/roommates 20th birthday! Its going to be so weird to not be a teenager anymore..but one year closer to being delaware bar ready:)

Anyways, my day started out with coffe, a quick trip to pathmark, and a nice run outside since it was 65 and sunny. perfect running weather.

post run I enjoyed a yummy breakfast, which actually wasnt really consumed till around 1pm

peach chobani, banana granola, ground flaxmeal, banana, strawberry, raisans

Then I got to work on making Molly a birthday cake. Not just any cake though, a Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake (Recipe post to come!)

loookin goooood

just some casual batter licking action

We ate dinner at Potstickers! soo yummy,  came back to eat cake and enjoy some beverages:) then went out to celebrate


i’ll be posting the cheesecake recipe later today!, time for the weekly grocery store run



One Comment on “Molly’s Birthday!”

  1. […] using our new mortar which was mailed to Molly as a gift from her mommy! We made it the night of her birthday! The pictures of would of been a lot funnier..maybe next […]

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