First WIAW (What I ate Wednesday) Post

Happy Hump Day! The only reason I like Wednesday’s is because they are one day closer to Thursday! Which for me means one day closer to a 4 day weekend since I only have class on Tuesday and Thursday:)

Its also my first What I Ate Wednesday Post

I had to go this morning to buy some notecards and decided I would treat myself to a store bought ice coffe from starbucks because I have been dying to try Pumpkin flavor. So I ordered a Venti Ice Coffee with 2 pumps pumpkin and soy milk.
OMG. SO GOOD. i couldn’t even savor it, it was gone in about 5 minutes. I need more pumpkin ice coffee  in the near future.
 Along with the ice coffee I had some Chocolate Peanut Butter overnight oats!
In the mix.. One batch Overnight Oats, mixed in with 1 tbsp PB2, 1tsp cocoa powder, 1/4 scoop chocolate protein powder. Topped with strawberries and coconut. YUM. by the way the PB2 I ordered off amazon to try, and it is good mixed into oatmeal but definitely does not replace regular peanut butter in my opinion.
Snack Time:
One Scoop of Cinnamon Raisan Swirl PB and a chunk of Zucchini Raisan Loaf
Leftover Stuffed Pepper Lentil Soup + hummus, Stacey’s whole grain pita chips (forgot how good staceys are!), some grapes, and baby carrots. (I also had about another handful of grapes and a few more stacey’s:)
A little while after lunch I got ready to go for a run on my way to the gym so I could take FIRST EVER REAL YOGA CLASS

reppin ADPI ofcourse:)

The run to the gym was BRUTAL today..I’m not sure why. me and running have a love hate relationship. And as for the yoga was SO relaxing. Some of the poses were a little more difficult, but it was more of a stretch type yoga then a power/intense yoga practice (I’m clearly not knowledgeable about yoga AT all these are just my thoughts loll)

Dinner time!

A serving of these with salsa while impatiently patiently waiting for the rice to cook

Black bean and Rice bowl! In the mix, Mexican style Black Beans and Zucchini (Recipe to come), 1 cup brown rice, jarred jalepenos, cilantro, hot sauce, and salsa. delishhh

I’m currently at the library right now..but I will be leaving here shortly because 1. i HATE the library. and 2. MODERN FAMILY STARTS TONIGHT

obsessed. best show ever.

I will probably be having a little something to eat when I get back. Maybe a peach or an apple? or a skinny cow ice cream sandwhich:) yup probably that.

Maybe I should do some school work since I walked all the way to the library?

eh we’ll see.


One Comment on “First WIAW (What I ate Wednesday) Post”

  1. Sonny says:

    hey i like your blog!

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