THANK GOD ITS THURSDAY. yup i changed the saying. i’m pretty sure every college student believes in TGIT..

ANYWAYS. this morning I woke up for my 8am econ class. I felt like I was waking up in the middle of the night despite the fact that I’m pretty sure I passed out by 10:30 last night #weird.

Breakfast was OOIAJ (Overnight Oats In a Jar)

in the mix. 1/3 cup oats cooked last night in 1 cup water. 1/2 banana. 1/4 scoop vanilla protein powder, LOTS of cinnamon, topped off with extra raisans this morning

rip cinnamon raisin just figured out the correct way to spell raisin..woopsies

I went to the gym and completed this CIRCUIT style workout (For the superset’s I did 12 reps for each move and repeated each superset 3 times total before moving onto the next one)

10 minutes HIIT cardio on eliptical (20 seconds full speed ahead, 10 second moderate)

Superset 1:

Squats with Bicep Curl (12.5 lbs each hand), Plie squats with up right row to overhead press (12.5 lbs each hand)

Superset 2:

Split lunge (12 times right side, 12 times left side) with lateral raise (5lbs each hand),  deadlift (12.5 lbs each hand)

Superset 3:

Reverse Chest Fly (12.5 lbs each hand), Overhead tricep extension (12.5 lbs)

Ab Burner: (only one time through) Got this idea from The Fitnessista 

50 Sit ups

50 crunches

20 leg lifts (straight legs)

20 reverse crunches

25 bicycle crunches

followed by a 6 minute cool down on the bike while reading a trashy gossip magazine, and some stretching

WOO baby. I was schweaty after that

For lunch I made myself a salad beast

In the mix, 1 sweet potato, mixed greens, broccoli slaw, baby carrots, nonfat cottage cheese, salsa, black bean hummus, garbanzo beans, and scallions

yummm, cottage cheese and salsa makes a great salad dressing. don’t knock it till ya try it!

K well I have to go get some studying done before work at 5


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