You’ve Got Mail!

One of my favorite things is getting packages or letters in the mail! I’ve been on an amazon ordering kick lately.(they make it so easy now with the whole “buy with one click”..let’s just say its dangerous) So my random amazon purchases have been coming in a mail one item at a time, which just means double the packages! perfect. Here are some of my latest buys

i figured it would be a good one to have!

I have been meaning to buy this ever since I’ve been reading babycake’s friday posts on this blog

ALMOND BUTTER. in cute little individual packages. yes i bought this off amazon. the judgement can stop now.

 Strange..but good mixed into oatmeal


This morning I was plannning on going to spin at 12..but the hurricane happening outside changed my mind. So I made myself a yogurt bowl instead

honey banana greek yogurt, 1/2 banana, strawberries, blueberries, banana nut granola, a couple of raisins, and some cinnamon

then I procrastinated and read blogs for about..2 hours.

studying for an exam < blog reading..atleast I have my priorities in order..

my roomie Sonny was making a delicious looking omelette. she’s the omelette EXPERT. just take a look at this beauty

so nommmy looking

oh hayyy gurlll

My lunch was boring and not that filling

The last of the leftover soup! and a small side salad with roasted sweet potato, GOAT CHEESE, and raspberry vinaigrette. Soo tasty, but I was hungry about an hour later. So I ate an almond butter packet and the other half of my banana from this morning

Time to go to Boot camp class at the gym (woof). and then to a review session for one of my exams on Tuesday. sweet.

I’m planning on making fried rice for dinner! I’ll let you know how it turns out!



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