Happy Saturday! (can’t think of a creative title at the moment)

Good morning  afternoon. Last night I went to a Kappa Sig’s bid night party. it was fun. i’m tired. i’ll probably go out again tonight though..#collegegirlproblems

Last night’s fried rice was delishh. Here’s the only picture I snapped of it

It was just a combination of frozen veggies, brown rice, tofu, and store-bought terryaki sauce. nomm

The first productive thing I did today was a quick trip to Newark Natural Foods (a ghetto version of whole foods) to pick up a couple things for the week

The lute:

I got, chocolate chips, almonds, raisins, LARABARS!, quinoa, hummus, and almond milk

I have to go to dance in a little bit. Today we are learning routines, and tomorrow are the company auditions, which last year were a lot scarier because I wasn’t a member of the company yet, but this year all the members just have to try out to see what dances you will be placed in.

Here are some Delaware Dance Fever pictures from last year

im on the far right making a realllly coool face

Thats all for now!

Hope your having a good weekend!


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