Terrible Tuesdays

Tuesday’s are probably my worst day of the week. Class from 8-12:15, then class from 4-7. But this day didn’t really go according to plan

8:15: I wake up..realize I’ve slept through my alarm, that I set for 6:30 mind you so I could study before the two exams I have today. but hey atleast I didn’t sleep through my exam

Then I got out of bed and ate some overnight oats

Then at 9:30 I took my Women’s Studies exam..womp. Not sure how it went. but i finished in 20 minutes.

Then to kill time I went to the student center and got my second ice coffe of the day at Dunkin. I got a medium ice with one pump of pumpkin. The first sip, EW THATS GROSS, the second sip, wow maybe I like this, third sip, not really sure. Long ice coffee story short..I decided it was kind of gross and threw it out.

Took my Geography exam at 11, NOT GOOD. that class is hard. I need major help. ugh. #ihatedumbpointlessclasses

Came home. Ate a yummy quinoa filled lunch

quinoa, hummus, zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli slaw, hot sauce. YUm. followed by some green grapes

Then I did X-treme 10 lb slimdown Kickboxing (which I liked a lot!) and attempted to do the X-treme 10 lb slimdown Yoga (I did 25 out of the 40 minutes before giving up haha)

Showered, snacked on an apple and trail-mix, then drove to my 4pm class (cause its  over a mile away at the hotel we have on campus)..I drive up and the parking lot is EMPTY. uhhh. this is strange. So I check my email on my phone..CLASS CANCELED. ugh. happy but annoyed moment.

Now I’m back at home about to watch BRIDESMAIDS. finally!

Cannnot Waitttt

The plan for dinner. Pizza + Salad. Then I’m going to a frat party that is Safari Themed. Ya I know its tuesday…its bonding with my sorority. And I dont have class tomorrow. so yah.


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