Another What I ate Wednesday Post!

So this morning I woke up a little disoriented after last nights frat party..jungle juice is never a good idea. Just incase you were wondering..

I couldn’t tell if I was hungry or not but I knew I needed something so I made myself a piece of toast and a nanner on the slide

Topped with almond butter and raspberry jam with some more Almond butter for dipping

and ICE COFFEE. this was my first cup..I had 2 more.

Then about an hour later I thought an apple might sound good

nope. not good. I took about 3 bites and threw it away

Lunch Timeee

Leftover Greek salad from last night topped with chicken and greek dressing, half of a sweet potato with hummus. Sweet potato and hummus is legit the best combo ever. Well aside from sweet potato and goat cheese..thats REALLY the best

Then I refilled my salad bowl

and finished off lunch with one of these

and the next thing I know I start mindlessly eating these

I stopped myself at about a serving because I wasn’t even hungry! They just tasted carby and plain and yummy. #hangoverproblems

I was going to go to Step and Sculpt at 5:15 but I didn’t get home in time from taking my menu test at work. bummer. not really though.

I can’t decide if I want to make today my rest day, or go to zumba at 7. Right now I’m currently in bed because I got shooting pains in my stomach all of the sudden..weird.

I’m not sure what dinner will be so I guess this isan’t a really good What I Ate Wednesday but I’m assuming it will be a bowl of Black Bean Soup that I made this afternoon. I will post the recipe for it tomorrow!

Or maybe some chicken fingers and french fries! NOM…but ya not happening.


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