Beautiful Day!

Happy Friday everyone!

This morning I woke up feeling well rested for the first time all week! It felt pretty good!

I made myself yummy overnight oats last night similar to this bowl

minus the bluebs cause we are all out:(

The plan for this morning was to get some Econ work completed and go to Spinning at the gym at 12.

But look at this weather!

Sunny Today Tonight Tomorrow
Mostly Sunny Isolated T-Storms Showers
Sunny Mostly Sunny Isolated T-Storms Showers
71°F 75° 51° 60°
Feels Like: 71°

High Low High
Past 24-hr:
Precip: 0 in
Snow: 0 in
Chance of Rain:
Chance of Rain:
Chance of Rain:
From SW at 10mph
SW at 12 mph
NW at 10 mph
W at 12 mph
Through 5pm: Partly cloudy with temperatures rising to near 74F. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph.


I’m not a HUGE runner, but I can’t resist this sublime weather when it has been raining ALL WEEK. I promise you it rains more in Delaware then any other state.

So I’m going to plan on tackling a 3 mile loop! Which should be interesting because I haven’t run that far in a very long time. I also went to Muscle Pump yesterday and my legs and arms are realllly sore. Which I love cause I know I got a good work out in!

Oh and..its suppose to rain AGAIN tomorrow. shocker. So I might as well make use of the beautiful fresh air while I can!

Hope everyone is having a good Friday!


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