The thing about Sundays

Sunday’s are a day where lots of school work is completed, grocery shopping is done, cleaning is involved, and working out is necessary due to the consumption of food and beverage over the weekend.

However, here is how Sunday’s normally go.

10am..wake up. you might have just slept for 9 hours..but it feels like you’ve slept for 3.

Drink a LOT of this

Decide your going to be productive and get work done, so you put on some workout clothes for the gym later, and drag your lazy ass to a cafe to sit down and do work.

In the midst of trying to study, you are getting constantly distracted by facebook and twitter updates and thinking about all the fun you had over the weekend.

then you force yourself to go to the gym. or not. a lot of times this doesn’t happen due to the fact that you exclaim you have so much work and there is no time. But then you continue to procrastinate all. day. long.

I actually forced myself to go to the gym and completed this workout from The Fitnessista.. #majorstruggle

Then you make a grocery list, and go grocery shopping because this is literally the only time in the week that this is possible.

Come back, unload, rush to chapter at 6, come back, cook dinner. (Tonight is going to be spagetti squash. YUM)

Then tell yourself your going to study for just one more hour…

then all of the sudden you find yourself in bed, watching mindless tv, reading blogs, and passed out by around 9pm..or maybe this is only me?


Sunday’s are pretty predictable, but I would never say they are actually productive.

Then you dream about waking up and it already being Thursday and then the weekend can begin again:)


One Comment on “The thing about Sundays”

  1. Sounds like a fab Sunday to me. I always have big plans but end up being more lazy too.

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