Work it Out

I seriously cannot get over how nice it is out today!

If its nice weather, I run outside. If its not..I normally don’t. This is why running is kind of a struggle because its something you have to do consecutively to be able to build up stamina!

Since today I decided I wanted to lift weights, and get a little cardio in, I planned a running route to the gym and back from the gym

To the gym was 1.75 miles (According to my nike running ap), and back was around .6 miles.

This workout made me NICCEE and sweaty

i know i look good. you don't have to tell me..LOL.

So anywayssss I made up my weight workout once I got to the gym on the spot, and from what I remember this is what it looked like!

disclaimer: I am by no way a fitness expert, I just try and base my workouts off ones I read on other blogs and workout classes I take at my gym.  

I completed 4 supersets, and then did a few back extensions and leg raises followed by a the crunch burner circuit below.

Superset 1: Repeated 3 times total

Weight Move Rep
30lbs total Plie squat w/ bicep curl 12
14lbs total Split lunge with lateral raise 10 each side





Superset 2: Repeated 3 times total

Weight Move Rep
30 lbs total Deadlift 12
25lbs total Reverse chest fly 12
Body weight Calf raises 30

Superset 3: Repeated 3 times total

Weight Move Rep
25lbs total Up right row to overhead press 12
15lbs total Overhead tricep extension 12

Superset 4: Repeated 3 times total

Weight Move Rep
Body weight Tricep dips 15
25 lbs total Chest press 15

Crunch Burner!

Move Rep
Regular crunches 25
Legs up 25
Regular 25
Legs out straight 25
Reverse 20
Right side crunch 20
Left side crunch 20
Regular crunch 20

I think I will be feeling these tomorrow!

Time to refuel with a Green Monster Smoothie!

In the mix: 1 medium banana, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 cup almond milk, 1 tbsp PB2, 1 handful spinach, a few ice cubes. So refreshing! And I promise you can’t taste the spinach at all!

Time to go finish my womens studies paper I’ve been procrastinating on since 9 this morning…then I have work at 5:30, womp.



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