Tips on Late Night Eating

You know how people always give advice, but then usually don’t take it for themselves?

That’s kind of what I’m about to do, but just roll with it

Being a college student Late Night eating is a major downfall when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle

So basically through trial and error, I’ve developed some tips to help avoid the late night Pizza delivery

The Tips:

  • Keep healthy snacks on hand, so when you come home hungry, you grab for something healthy. Lately my late  night snack has been carrots and hummus, or wheat thins and hummus. 
  • Try to convince your friends that ordering pizza is NOT a good idea, and if that doesn’t 1 slice rather than 2 or 3.
  • DONT start. I know this sounds lame but honestly sometimes once you start eating after coming home late night from a party, your mind with mindlessly wander and suddenly you’ve eaten a LOT more than you think..I only know from past experience people..
  • DO NOT buy snacks that you KNOW you’ll want to eat late at night. For me an example of this would be Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies..for others it might be a bag of Doritos.
Like I I always take my own advice? Ofcourse not..but when you are a college student and like to go out on the weekends, the fear of late night snacking is inevitable. So I hope these tips help, because they help me!
At Delaware, they joke and call the freshman 15 the freshman 50 due to a place called DP Dough.
Apparently each calzone has 1 STICK OF BUTTER. that is half a pound of butter..per calzone.
I have never tried even a bite of one of these babies..and honestly don’t plan on it. I forgot to mention that people eat these when there sober..I mean I’m not going to judge..well maybe just a little.
Last night I went to a mixer at a frat was fun..I’m currently on my couch and don’t plan on moving anytime soon. #collegegirlprobelms
I hope these tips help! But also keep in mind that college goes by SO fast, so don’t miss out on opportunities to be with your friends if you’re worried about being confronted with bad food choices! Everything in moderation.Life is too short to not go out and have fun! thats my motto anyways:)
Just to leave you with a cute little pic..
MY HAIR WAS STRAIGHTENED LAST NIGHT. literally boggles my mind every time..and yup just posted that pic on the internet. Like our tapestry in the background? 🙂

Question: What do you do to avoid late night eating?


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