The Recipe that wasn’t

So I had every intention of sharing the recipe I just ate for dinner on this blog I decided to start a little while ago..there’s just one problem. DINNER=EPIC FAIL.

Okay, so it wasn’t that bad..but I’m not sharing it. Let me explain..I had planned to make Mama Pea’s Thai Cashew Pineapple Stir Fry from her book but I was going to adapt it slightly and use chicken (because I forgot to buy tofu) and add a few more veggies.

Well along with forgetting to buy the tofu, I also forgot to buy the cornstarch (which I realized was completely necessary in order for the sauce to thicken)..Anyways long annoying story short, it wasn’t good.

But I still ate it..

 The siracha and the roasted cashews on top made it taste better then it would have…meh I’m mad

So naturally I had to cleanse my palate with a few of these

 Kept in the freezer ofcourse..they are almost gone..thank god.

Cause remember when I used them to make these ..I could go for one of those right now..

Now I’m going to go do some work before I have dance at 9..and I’ll probably drink my 9th cup of tea for the day because I’m started to get sick NOOOOO

yup its happening. I’ve also been downing lots of this

 Side note when I went to google “Emergency” right now..I guess I wasn’t thinking that a bunch of weird hospital pictures would come up LOL. wasn’t funny at all but just thought i’d mention it

OH and have you see this video yet?!

Funniest thing ever.


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