My kind of Bucket List

Happy Thursday everyone!

So my day started with something other than oatmeal..mainly because I was too lazy to make overnight oats last night, and woke up at 7am -__- and wasn’t in the mood for hot oats. So instead, a Greek Yogurt Bowl!

 In the mix, Oikos plain greek yogurt, banana, cocoa nibs, raspberry jam, almond butter, and granola. deeelishhh..except I was hungry about 2 hours later..this is why I must eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast

And lunch was a BEASTLY salad. it was so nommmy

 Layered with romaine lettuce, baby spinach, grape tomatoes, broccoli slaw, 1 hard boil egg, chickpeas, sweet potato, hummus, and some raspberry vinaigrette. so filling and deelicous

Speaking of delicious..last night I was craving some apple crisp, so I decided to make my own microwave version to satisfy my craving

 1 peeled Granny Smith apple chopped up, tossed with brown sugar and a little maple syrup, and topped with rolled oats and more brown sugar of course:) I popped this in the microwave for 1.30, added a spoonful of mighty maple pb in, and dug in. SOO good.

So tomorrow I will be Boston bound to see my fammm:)

This is a picture of us taken this summer when we went to New Hampshire..we had a professional photographer take a TON of pictures..which I believe are on my mom’s computer at home so I’ll be sharing some more pictures once I get home:)

So whenever I go home I always think of a list of things to accomplish,so here is my home Bucket List

  • Go to Pinkberry and Truly Yogurt
  • Get indian food from Masala Art
  • Go to Blue Ginger –Ming Sai’s restaurant ..he’s kind of a celebrity..and I’ve met him a few big deal.
  • Go to Trader Joes
  • Get coffee from South Natick Coffee Shop
  • Go Shopping! (its been wayyy to long since I’ve set foot inside a mall..probably a good thing but still)
  • Cuddle with my DOGS..yes this is on the list
Pretty much all of these are food related…I bet you’re not too surprised:) 
Me and LUC CUDDLINNN…this is a really odd picture of me…but at least Lucy looks beautiful as always
I should probably pack since I have to leave here by 7am tomorrow morning..I’m going to Muscle Pump at 5..and then I’m going to a mixer tonight. Yes I realize I have to leave by 7am..thank god for alarms.
Catch ya laterr

❤ Chelcie

3 Comments on “My kind of Bucket List”

  1. mixxedtape says:

    Such a pretty dog! Have fun in Boston 🙂

  2. […] be back with a Bucket List update later, but for now here are some pictures from the morning […]

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