Bucket List Update!

So I’ve been home for a little over 24 hours, and I’ve already made a lot of progress on my bucket list!

  • Go to Pinkberry and Truly YogurtI can’t believe either one of these hasnt happened yet! later tonight for sure
  • Get indian food from Masala Art   Happened last night. Indian food never LOOKS that great..but oh my god. Don’t let this plate fool you, I went back for thirds. Palak Paneer (spinach and cheese mixture) Dal (lentils) and Mango Chicken.
  • Go to Blue Ginger –Ming Sai’s restaurant ..he’s kind of a celebrity..and I’ve met him a few times..no big deal. –TONIGHT
  • Go to Trader Joes   Trader Joes is the best place on earth. easily. And no I’m not bringing all of this back with me..But I’m bringing a lot of it:) Some of the highlights I got..Nut butters, dried mixed berries, Pumpkin butter, Apple Butter, Peanut Butter filled pretzels, Quick-cooking Steel Cut Oats- LOVE TRADER JOES.
  • Get coffee from South Natick Coffee Shop  
  • Go Shopping! (its been wayyy to long since I’ve set foot inside a mall..probably a good thing but still)   LULU lumon! Thanks to my mommy I bought a pair of Wunder Under’s and a work out top. And stuff from Urban outfitters..so much for all that money I’m making Waitressing..-__-
  • Cuddle with my DOGS  More of this to come OBVIOUSLY
 I came home from the Mall and threw the ball to Duke using the chucket..by the way Duke is OBSESSED with tennis balls. He is a pyscho path in general, but when it comes to tennis balls..
oh and he NEVER gets tired..he just needs to cool off every now and then
 He just sits on the front step by NEVER actually swims in the pool..just the lake at the park. strange dog.  
I’ll post later about dinner at Blue Ginger..I cannot wait.

❤ Chelcie


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