Relaxation and FOOD

My last day at home was a full, yet relaxing day.

It started out with another trip to the park to do a 3 mile loop with the doggies

Then my mom made me Breakfast. NOM… Baked eggs with sauteed spinach, tomato, onion, and GOAT CHEESE.

Drippy egg YUM. I haven’t had eggs like this in SO long..maybe because I always have oatmeal? yup thats why

Then me and Duke were just hanginn out

He was helping me blog..duh

Followed by Lucy being jealous of the JUICIEST APPLE EVER.

Do you see that juice?! or are you too distracted by that smushy face:)

Lunch was spent with Michelle at Whole Foods

I told her I was going to put this ridiculous picture on my blog..your welcome Michelle

I obviously raided the Salad Bar

I always love to try a little bit of everything..I don’t even think I can remember everything I got but some salads included a curried cous cous, spicy chicken salad, grilled eggplant, kale salad, green bean salad, sweet potatoes, lentils, tomatoes, and oh ya..there is some lettuce under there. I couldn’t even finish it all I was SO full

But then we got some gelato..which ofcourse I forgot to take a picture of…but the flavors I got were cinnamon and pumpkin spice latte. SO GOOD.

And dinner was even better

Courtesy of chef mommy: Baked cod fish with lemon zucchini tomato sauce, salad with italian dressing and shaved parmesean cheese, and Arancini balls with marinara sauce on top..although these were courtesy of Trader Joes

SUCH a good dinner

Then I went over to Michelle’s house and brought these cookies so I wouldn’t eat anymore of them..

But then I just kept nibbling at them..and by nibbling I mean I probably ended up having about 3 of them. Its a good thing I’m going back to school tomorrow and don’t have time to whip up batches of cookies on a daily basis

I’ll post the recipe for these babies soon..there is chocolate and toasted coconut involved..just a warning

Back to school/reality tomorrow!

I’m bringing both my dogs in my suitcase with me back to school..yes they’ll fit.


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