Happy WIAW!

Note: These posts are always what I eat on tuesday..cause its just easier that way

On a second note..add 3 ice coffees (yes 3)  to this list of what I ate..oh and a handful of red grapes.

Breakfast Timeee

Banana Overnight oats with 1/2 of a banana, 1/3 cup oats, 1/2 tsp Pumpkin pie spice, 2/3 cup water, 1/4 cup almond milk and 1/2 tsp Chia Seeds! I have been wanting to try these for a while, and they were on sale at Whole Foods! score. I topped my oats with almond butter, Pumpkin granola (trader joes I love you), and dried mixed berries (also courtesy of trader joes). And along with this bowl I had another handful of Pumpkin granola.

Lunch..aka SNACKING all day long. Let me explain..I came home from class and ate this apple

And a little while later I made myself this salad, trying out a can of Wild Alaskan Salmon I picked up at the store

This was a complete waste of amazing produce. I COULDNT EAT IT. Lesson learned..I am NOT a fan of canned salmon. This was such a bummer. I hate throwing away food in general..but especially when its fresh, delicious produce:( WAHH. I was mad.

So then I never really had a lunch, just a bunch of snacks

A couple rice cakes with Sabra hummus (love love love this stuff) along with a couple of grape tomatoes and baby carrots..side note I started liking baby carrots this past summer. The thought of taking a bite of a baby carrot use to make me GAG. Not even kidding. It’s so funny how taste buds change! anyways back to the snacks..

I finished off a mini bag of cocoa roasted almonds that were just chillin in my back pack.

this was SO good. once again, Trader Joes..(I wonder who trader joe is? because I want to marry him)

A handful of peanut butter stuffed pretzels from where? Trader Joes. I know you’re shocked. cant stop, wont stop.

Oh and another apple, but this time it was a Granny Smith. I could eat 500 apples a day..okay maybe not that many, but one just doesn’t seem like enough.


I ate this meal

barbeque sauce for the way I looked at the ingredients for the barbecue sauce I have and the first one is High Fructose Corn Syrup..bummer. I try to avoid this, as well as added sugars, as much as possible. Note the “added sugar” part..I’m not doing so well in that area..once halloween season is over it might get a little better. The chocolate chips I have stashed in the freezer aren’t helping this cause..

So I guess I should mention I followed up this dinner with a few frozen chocolate chips. #sorryimnotsorry

And to complete my dessert I had the last of the coffee ice cream..see how this “no added sugar” bs isan’t really working? ya me too.

Speaking of Halloween, its NEXT WEEKEND. Halloween at college is a religious holiday..and it is celebrated for like..5 days in a row. So instead of thinking of ONE Halloween need to think of at least THREE. Stressinnn me out mann #collegegirlproblems

And also..where has the month of October gone?

K that’s all for now. lataaas



5 Comments on “SNACK ATTACK-WIAW”

  1. Sabra hummus is my favorite (non-Trader Joe’s) hummus. 🙂 And they have pumpkin granola?? Didn’t see that!!! I’ll have to make a trip this week. Sounds like a must have. 🙂

  2. neeeeed to find the pumpkin granola at trader joes!

    i also want to marry trader joe so were gonna have to duke it out!

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