WIAW timeee

ITS TEEE SHIRT TIMEEEE..kidding. Jersey Shore reference anyone? True story..last year a kid in my dorm would say he was “wearing the shirt before the shirt” in a completely serious tone…guido alert!

Anyways onto yesterdays eats thanks to Jenn over at Peas and Crayons

Starting with breakfast at 7:30am.. (gahh feels like the middle of the night..no more 8am classes for me!)

Regular banana overnight oats with almond butter, PUMPKin butter, strawberries, and some Trader Joes pumpkin granola

Snack time in between classes: (insert imaginary picture of the daily apple and a few almonds)


veggie tray with Goat cheese!! hummus, a rice cake, and a few cracker crumbs to finish off the box, along some soup


Snack time number 2: this was a good one and still forgot to take a picture! Picture this

 plus this =AMAZING


A few handfulls of these were consumed while preparing for the mexican fiesta

and then my beautiful burrito bowl was created

All of the components I told you about last night..but I’ll tell you again because it was a pretty awesome dinner, brown rice with mexican black beans, mexican slow cooker chicken, sonny’s guac!, and some more cilantro, scallions, and jarred pickled jalepenos on top! SO GOOD

A few notes on what I ate wednesday’s..I’ve noticed being new to this that taking a picture of every single morsel of food that goes into your mouth is REALLY hard..even still on these posts some chocolate chips out of the freezer..or a bite of this, bite of that might go unpictured. It’s also still challenging for me to not be judgemental of what I eat, fearing that one day I might have eaten too much because I use to be so critical and restricting of what I ate..but more on that later.

Anyways I just thought that I would share my thoughts on these types of post..but I know from reading other blogs the curiosity and interest behind daily eats is definitely there, so I will continue to still do these!

I’m going to go do some more school work, and then time to go to work!

Happy Hump Day everyone!



4 Comments on “WIAW timeee”

  1. Alexis says:

    I LOOOVE the TJ’s multi grain tortilla chips!!!

  2. Gina says:

    White Chocolate Wonderful is my favorite PB. I’m addicted!

  3. Kate says:

    Haha, I love the Jersey Shore reference 🙂 That peanut butter is so good! I used to be able to find it everywhere but it’s disappearing from all the grocery shelves around me!

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