Sunday Funday


I hope everyone has had a good Halloweekend! (in my opinion the most overrated college holiday, but some people really dig the whole dressing up thing)

Last night Molly and I dressed up as dogs

and yes it was 30 degrees outside and raining..if it wasn’t for safe rides, I would have froze.

just realized last year we were Cats!

clearly switching things up HAH


So I can’t believe I missed that yesterday was NATIONAL OATMEAL DAY! umm hello? can you say the best holiday ever? I obviously celebrated yesterday morning with a delicious batch of Apple Crisp Oatmeal!

I cooked the apples in a little brown sugar before adding the oats:) SO GOOD. topped with coconut, pumpkin granola, peanut butter and pumpkin pecan butter

yummm and I hope you liked my Guest Post over on Lee’s Blog that was all about my love for oatmeal:)

After my large bowl of oatmeal, my appetite was a little off all day long, hence my boring, yet delicious sandwhich

Turkey, goat cheese, and hummus placed in our little panini presser ..plain, boring, but good


On Sunday’s, I always feel like I have a to-do list a MILE long..but especially today because I have SO much work this week for school. YUCk.

Today’s To-Do list..

  • Blog
  • Study for Women’s Studies
  • Study for Geography
  • Complete an assignment for HRIM class
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Cook dinner
  • Go to chapter
  • Clean my room
  • Do laundry
 AHHH so much to do! better get to it, hope everyone is having a great Sunday!



3 Comments on “Sunday Funday”

  1. I love your oatmeal creation! Looks gorgeous!

  2. I feel the same way about Sunday’s. Such a bummer 😦 I always try to cook something yummy on Sunday to make up for it ;P

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