I tried SO hard yesterday to take a picture of everything I ate..and still failed. But yesterday was another crazy busy day, so thats my excuse:)

starting with breakfast BRIGHT and early at 7am..

thanks again to Jenn for hosting WIAW!

Overnight Oats heated up with cinnamon raisin swirl pb, granola, and raisins. Plus some disgusting coffee on the side..I hate buying coffee on sale, because its normally gross coffee. UGH. next time I’m just buying the expensive stuff

Lunch was eaten in the 5 minutes I had to race home after class before I had a meeting with my advisor for spring semester..spring semester already?! This year is going by wayy to fast and needs to slow down!

So I made myself a turkey wrap with turkey, goat cheese, and raspberry jam. Weird combination right? It actually kind of tasted like a leftover thanksgiving sandwich

and a handful of grapes

and the remainder of the pretzels

After my meeting I went to the gym (saw my econ professor there. AWKWARD)..then I refueled with a Chobani yogurt, but ofcourse failed to take a picture.

For dinner I ate this..YUM

plus another piece of eggplant..and more pasta

then I ate a few chocolate chips straight out of the freezer, and a few more grapes

Then I went out last night because its homecoming week! and drank disgusting vodka and beer..blehh.

So if you’re wondering what I’ll be doing today..NOTHING..catching up on my DVR until I go to the gym later

Hope everyone has an awesome day!

Tell me, What’s the best thing you’ve eaten recently?




One Comment on “WIAW”

  1. The eggplant dish looks incredible! And you made that? Wow!

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