Weekend Recap

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

This weekend was homecoming weekend at my school and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. college is just awesome. minus the school work part:)

Friday night we went out to dinner at a Tapa’s restaurant in Newark DE called Ole Tapas

I forgot to take pictures of all the tapas we ordered #badblogger..but I managed to snap one of the tapas using instagram

It was a pimento pepper stuffed with herb goat cheese. SO good! The restaurant is a little pricey, but the food is delicious and it brought me back to Spain!

Yesterday started BRIGHT and early with homecoming festivities. The frat that we mixed with this week had “bagels and beer  juice?” at 9 am. Yes 9 in the morning..

Here are some pics from the day!

Me Molly, and her sister Sam!

seriously SUCH a fun day, and the weather was perfect!

Today my aunt and cousin came to visit me and take me out to lunch!

this is me and lauren being goofy-this is the only picture I could find!

I didn’t snap any pictures today #lame but we went to Iron Hill Brewery for lunch and fro yo for dessert!

I also whipped up a batch of Banana Bread and just got back from a 2.5 mile run which was PAINFULL..but considering all of the carbs I consumed yesterday I knew it was going to be a pretty brutal experience

Here is a sneak peak picture of the banana bread, I’ll plan on sharing the recipe tomorrow



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