Boston bound!


I’m blogging from my phone right now (iPhones are awesome) because I can’t get my computer to connect to the wifi at the airport #Lame

Anyways, this morning started out with a starbucks trip


A nonfat misto

I love Starbucks way to much its an issue..

And for breakfast I had a greek yogurt bowl with some banana and pumpkin granola


Currently I’m sitting at my gate picking at this lunch I spent way to much money on #ugh


Incase you cant tell it’s a veggie sandwich with berries and a bag of popchips..the bread is stale so I’m just eating the inside

Atleast the popchips will be good! And I picked up some quality reading material


Bradley cooper is pretty sexy but I think Ryan gosling should have won..have you seem Crazy Stupid Love? Oh my god..amazing.

Soon I’ll be home and reunited with my doggies! Can’t wait!!


They are just too presh

I hope everyone has an awesome day!


4 Comments on “Boston bound!”

  1. Your dogs are adorable, how sweet! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. lapiattini says:

    I loveddd Crazy Stupid Love! Just a fun, cute, sexy movie! Plus Ryan Gosling is perfect eye candy 😉

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