Since I’ve Been Home..

Can I just say that being home is so relaxing..I just have nothing to worry about, no school work, nothing..and its pretty awesome

The first thing I did when I got home..

cuddled with my doggies of course!

chelcie get away from me!

While I unpacked Duke and Lucy were playing tug o war

I also inhaled some crackers and soup when I got home because I was starving (per usual)

Then it was cocktail time

My mom made some homemade Sangria..deeelishhh

And I feasted on the cheese platter she assembled

Cheese and crackers=my weakness

For dinner my mom prepared make-your-own salads, tex mex style!

I was pretty full from the cheese and crackers, but I made myself a semi-small taco salad to enjoy

Okay so it wasn’t that small..and I ate the whole thing..clean plate club member over here people

I feel like I eat SO much more when I’m home..I need to control myself this week because I’m home for a longggg 10 days

I plan on working out every day, because working out=being able to eat more:)

I plan on starting the day out tomorrow with a run at the park with the doggies and some weight lifting action

My brother also informed me that he wants me to make him blueberry muffins..random..but I told him I would make it happen..such a good sister!

Clearly I’m having a ragggginngg friday night over here..

Night everyone!


2 Comments on “Since I’ve Been Home..”

  1. I eat sooo much when I go home, too. There is such an abundance of food choices since my family feeds 4 people instead of 1, haha. I’m hoping I can get lots of workouts in when I go back for a month over winter break

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