Turkey Trot Recap

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today is the best day of the year in my opinion! (Well it could be tied with Christmas and homecoming)

This morning I was up BRIGHT and early to run a 5k Turkey Trot race!

It was a whopping 30 degrees out this morning..

This is a group shot taken before the race of me and my neighbors. I love how official I feel wearing a race number HAH

Just before we were about to start! My mom’s friend Ulrike is in the orange jacket! (And I’m reppin’ Delaware of course!) Side note some cute old man came up to me and told me his son graduated from Delaware 10 years ago and ended up majored in the same major as me!

In the beginning of the race I felt like we were going kind of slow due to the crowds, but after the first mile we slowly started to pick up the pace. There were a few hills on the course but nothing too bad.

We ended up finishing in just over 27 minutes! Which is the same time I finished last year

Crossing the finish line (the close up of my face kind of looks like I’m dying, but I felt a lot better then I looked apparently haha)

And refueling with an ice coffee after was 100% neccessary

I’m normally not a dunkin fan, but the coffee shop wasn’t open this morning so I had to settle.

Overall the race was a lot of fun, next up Alex and I are considering  training for a Half Marathon!

We’ll see how that goes…

I’ll probably post again later, but if not I hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving!

Question: Have you ever ran a Turkey trot race?



2 Comments on “Turkey Trot Recap”

  1. Congratulations on a great run this morning! What a great start to your day!

    I am SO SO excited that you’re training for your first half marathon! You are going to be amazing and rock it! I can’t wait to read about your training!

    I hope you’ve had a wonderful day!

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