Thanksgiving Feast

Good Morning!

This whole, I can’t sleep in when I’m home, really annoying. but ANYWHO moving on to our amazing thanksgiving feast we had!

For appetizers we kept things simple with cheese platters and cocktail shrimp

This is a chutney cheese spread that we get from our local cheese shop every year during the holiday’s. Our friend Brian at the cheese shop told us he makes 1 TON of this dip to keep up with the demand for it around the holidays! Insane!

I tried to limit myself on the cheese tray, but it was just so darn good. I also forgot to snap a picture of the shrimp, but it was just your basic cocktail shrimp.

Now onto the main event

Such a beauty. Notice I won’t be telling you any of the cooking techniques because I didn’t really cook any of it:) I just assisted

Here is the master carver (my papa) carving our Turkey

I was standing there watching him and nibbling at the turkey a little bit..okay I nibbled a lot.

All ready to dig in!

I loaded up my plate with a bit of everything. Homemade cranberry sauce, corn, green beans, butternut squash and sweet potato mix, herb stuffing, turkey, onions, gravy, and a little bit of mashed potatoes that were hiding under my turkey. I finished this whole plate, and there may have been some licking my plate clean action going on, but I was SO FULL.

But of course a little while later it was time for dessert. Since there was only 7 of us we kept it simple with homemade pumpkin pie and apple crisp

(Notice the left hand corner is kind of messed up..I tried sneaking bites and covering it up but it didn’t really work)

I forgot to snap a picture of my dessert because I ate it in about .5 seconds, but I had some apple crisp with a scoop of coffee ice cream. Weird confession, I hate pumpkin pie. I think it tastes like baby food..blehhh. I tried a little bite thinking I might like it this year..nope. Oh well

I can’t wait for my leftover turkey sandwich today..nom nom NOM.

I hope everyone has an awesome day!



6 Comments on “Thanksgiving Feast”

  1. For one, you are not alone in not being able to sleep in..I can’t either! Like, 9am is ‘late’ for being at home. But normally, I wake up around 645am. How early do you wake up?

    Your thanksgiving feast looks just delicious! You know, I’m not a huge pumpkin pie fan either..the flavor is good but the texture is a bit mushy. This year, I opted for pumpkin icecream. oooh, but I bet it would’ve been delicious with your crumble! Yum!

  2. 6:45! oh man that’s early! haha The day’s I have 8am classes I’m up by 7 but if I can at school I normally sleep until about 9:30. When I’m at home I’m always up by 8!

  3. lapiattini says:

    Everything looks great! Hope you had a wonderful holiday 🙂

  4. Cait's Plate says:

    Oh my, that turkey with all that stuffing!!! Looks SO good!

  5. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance says:

    Wow I WISH there was stuffing cooked inside my turkey! I’ve had it made that way once in my life and I remember never wanting to have it any other way.

    Our meals look practically identical, except for the corn 🙂 (and stuffing-turkey, obviously.)

  6. Haha I always try and sneak bites, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out in a stealthily manner!

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