While I was home I..

Good Morning!

So today I’m finally going back to Delaware for my last few weeks of the semester..(my sophomore year is half over already?! not cool.)

I feel like I’ve been home forever, but at the same time the vacation has gone by so fast!

So let’s take a look back on all the productive (?) things I did while I was home

I went and picked up my Nanny from rhode island

I spent a lot of time hanging out with these rascals

I made 3 batches of cookies..

I ran a Turkey Trot race!

Ate lots and lots of yummy food

Including Turkey Dinner of course!

And I got to see all of my best friends from home:)

That picture is so old! (summer before my freshman year of college)

So now its time to go back to good old Delaware!

Side note when I was younger I use to make fun of delaware by calling it dela (WHERE?)..but now I live there

Alrighty time to get back to studying (BLEH)

I hope everyone has an awesome day!




4 Comments on “While I was home I..”

  1. I can’t believe the school year is already half way over..crazy, right??

    Those cookies look delicious!!!! Recipe please!

  2. Going home is my favorite – see all of your friends, bake and spend time with your family – i cant wait for christmas!

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