Healthy living in College

Hi everyone!

I’m currently drowning in studying for exams, so if this post sounds like me going insane..I apologize in advance

Onto a more serious topic..I find it hard to define a healthy lifestyle in college…

I get told a lot of the time..“You’re so healthy!” “Everything you eat is so healthy!”

While ya, I do eat healthy nutritious foods because I enjoy how they make me feel, I would say that overall college and “healthy living” don’t always go hand in hand

Going out on the week days weekends. We all know that college is the best 4 years of your life, which includes a lot of social events, which then leads to extra (liquid consumption if you know what I mean..) which is definitely not equated with a “healthy lifestyle”

This is me humiliating my best friend HAHAHA.

What I’m trying to explain is that, if you know that maybe 10% of the time you’re not going to be making the healthiest decisions, this is why 90% of the time I do!

Healthy living is all about balance! enjoying lots of yummy oats and salads

Along with the occasional pizza slices


I am still working on defining how healthy living fits in with the typical college lifestyle, but I remind myself constantly that sweating the small stuff is not worth it!

I find that a lot of the time I allow myself to feel guilty for missing a work out or eating foods that I normally wouldn’t on a daily basis

But in all seriousness, worrying doesn’t get me anywhere. It just makes me feel bad about myself, which in turn does nothing.


I think staying positive is half of the battle (at least for me)

I realize some people may disagree with me (no you don’t have to feel the need to drink in college) but I’m just speaking for those people who read my blog, are in college, and might have some of the same feelings that I do

Overall I know I feel good when I

  • eat healthy foods
  • get a lot of sleep!
  • work out (seriously best stress reliever ever!)
  • and socialize!

College goes by SO fast..(too fast!) it’s best to make the most of it then dwell on the extra slice of pizza you may have eaten at 2am..

Question for ya! : If you’re in college, what do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle? And if you aren’t still in college, what did you do when you were?


9 Comments on “Healthy living in College”

  1. Kristin Fretz says:

    i’ve been thinking about this a lot lately chelc! so glad you posted this – you just reminded me to not sweat the small stuff and to enjoy myself at college. i’ll start working out again after my finals are over πŸ™‚ you da best girl

    • i love you for commenting:)

    • Lindsay Irwin says:

      COMPLETELY AGREE!! I think some of the best ways to stay healthy in college are to come up with a schedule that works for you. That way it gives you flexibility that if you miss a a day or two going to the gym, it’s better to have gone a few days that week than not at all. Also, getting friends to go with you is one of the best ways to keep you motivated. You can help push each other to not give up! Not even that, but just being surrounded by friends who also enjoy being healthy will help you make healthier choices and overall be a happy human! YAY FOR BEING HEALTHY πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Happy friday babes

  2. I like to avoid sweating the small stuff as well. I think the blogosphere can often lead people to stress out and think that any consumption of something “unhealthy” is bad. In reality, avoiding EVERYTHING that isn’t healthy is actually unhealthy in itself. I’d say that I eat much better than 90% of the people I know, just by cooking my own meals, avoiding fatty fast foods most of the time, and making an effort to cook veggies and eat fruit (but who doesn’t love fruit?). Blogs like ours (hehe) are a great resource for people who are looking for easy and quick recipes to make at home. I think home cooking is at LEAST half the battle!

  3. Alicia says:

    GREAT POST! I agree!! (I’m drowning with the studying for finals too! :-/ it’s almost over though!! πŸ™‚ hang in there!)
    I totally hate when I don’t exercise or make healthy food choices, and regret usually follows, but you’re totally right, gotta stay positive and not dwell on the small things so much.

  4. Goodness, I was not very healthy in college, and I definitely had wayyyy too many nights taking in too many liquid calories *cough cough*. Not that I still do that…. No but seriously, it’s all about balance like you said. If I know I’m eating heavy or going to be drinking, I move up workouts to an earlier day/time and try to eat healthier before or after.

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