A not so relaxing Sunday

Good Morning!

So you know how I told you I was going to bake lots of cookies yesterday? well there was a slight change of plans..

Since I’ve had a really bad cough for a little over 3 weeks now..I decided to go to a care clinic so I could get a chest X-ray to make sure I don’t have pneumonia

So I went to the clinic around 12, waited for an hour, then went into a room to wait for the doctor and my mom came and met up with me.

Then the doctor came in and said she was going to give me a nebulizer (definitely not spelling that right hah) treatment to help clear up my lungs..so then I looked something like this

It’s sideways..but you get the idea

Then I got a chest X-ray, found out I didn’t have pneumonia..and I was ABOUT to be ready to go when the doctor came back in and said in the X-ray they found some fluid around my heart


Well, it turns out its really common when you have a virus for a long time (there’s a long doctor name for it once again that I don’t remember)..but that they wanted me to go to the E.R. to be further evaluated

I was pretty scared still at this point just thinking of everything that could potentially go wrong, but off we went to the E.R. around 3pm

Basically I got an E.K .G (which is a test they do where they hook you up to a bunch of cords to monitor your heart rate..I should have taken a picture of that I looked pretty silly) done and waited for about 3 hours total to be told that it’s nothing to worry about, and it will go away on its own

which is definitely a GOOD thing! but it was a really long day..not how I thought my Sunday would go

It does make me really thankful though that I don’t have any serious medical conditions..because hospitals are definitely not the place anyone wants to be!

ANYWHO..once I got home I was STARVING..basically hadn’t eaten since 9am, even though my mom brought me lunch at the first clinic I got too nervous to eat it:/

My mom made an AMAZING white bean, ham soup

Which I had a bowl of, and then I had a salad with roasted veggies and honey goat cheese (um best stuff ever!)

I only have 2 pictures to show from last night because I pretty much inhaled everything

Then this morning my mom made me a delicious breakfast!

She made a fritatta using the same roasted vegetables and goat cheese. So delicious! Something about the weekends always makes me crave eggs!

So I’m thinking my day today will go a little better then yesterday!

I’m planning on going for a walk with my mom and the dogs in the park (no running quite yet, I’m going to wait a few days to get back into the exercise groove)

And then we are going to make a trip to the cheese shop! my favorite place evaaaa

I hope everyone has an awesome day!



4 Comments on “A not so relaxing Sunday”

  1. That’s pretty much what happened to me when I had bronchitis this semester. Nothing was working and I had to go to the doctor multiple times and get multiple x-rays to rule out pneumonia. Based on how I sounded (I was wheezing non-stop), they really couldn’t believe that it was only bronchitis and nothing worse. I had to do the nebuelizer twice, take steroids, antibiotics, inhalers, and get a shot in the butt (which really hurt, haha). Eventually it went away but I can still feel the residual effects 😦 Hope you get better soon, Chelcie!!

  2. Alicia says:

    Oh no! What an awful way to spend your day 😦 But glad you are doing good and it’s not anything worse. Very nice to have your mom close by to help you throughout it all. YAY for awesome mommies! ❤ Relax girl & feel better!!

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