So I have to say, since I’ve been home I feel like I’ve been slacking on the blogging front..because

A. when I’m home I don’t cook as much (aka no recipes to share)

B. I forget to take pictures of my food cause I’m lazy

and C..I’m lazy. did I already say that?..so instead I just share weird pictures of my dogs..sorry.

But ANYWHO so, basically this WIAW is kind of a fail..but bare with me


So this isan’t what I ate for breakfast yesterday (what I really ate was breakfast quinoa, which I was going to share the recipe for but then decided I didn’t like how it turned out -__-)

These would be oats I ate..i dont know a few days ago..with cookie butter on top DELISHH


I went out to lunch yesterday to a yummy place called the cottage, and of course I forgot my camera #fail..but thank goodness for Iphones:)

I ordered the Grilled Mahi Fish Tacos : guacamole, napa cabbage, pico de gallo, baja sauce, corn tortillas, chipotle black beans, papaya salsa

These are awesome! The fish is grilled, not fried which I like..I ate everything on the plate minus the flour tortillas and the sauce I got on the side.

Then after lunch we went to get Pinkberry!

I got a kiddie half coconut, half chocolate (holy amazingness) with chocolate crunchies and pom seeds

And yesterday afternoon I watched The Help for the first time!

So so so good! I normally can’t sit through long movies cause I have issues, but this was amazing!

So I should be showing you our amazing Chanukah Feast! ..but I didn’t take a picture..oh and I’m not really jewish (well technically I’m half)..but I celebrate christmas more then channukah..my mom just makes AMAZING brisket, latkas, and homemade apple sauce once a year..and yup no picture #EPICFAIL

So if I eat the leftovers for dinner tonight I will take a picture and show you! but I definitely stuffed myself with lots and lots of brisket and apple sauce! and one latka of course!

And then I had a piece of a macaroon

nom nom nom

Oh and because you love seeing pictures of my dogs..here are a couple I snapped last night

this is how he sleeps..

And Lucy is on the couch, on a pillow, because she’s a princess

Oh and thanks again to Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for hosting WIAW!

lata alagataas


Question for Ya! Do you celebrate Chanukah?

                               Have you seen The Help?

One Comment on “WIAW-#fail”

  1. Ooh that is sooo cool that you celebrate both! I’ve always thought that would be so much fun, and extra magical.

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