From my Inbox!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

So as I went to check my inbox this morning, I found an amazing email from my best friend Kristin that I have to share with all of you!

Hey girllll,

I told my whole family about your blog and how amazing it is and my mom and grandma are OBSESSED with it and are so impressed by you!! We made the All-In-One Cookies today for Christmas Eve and I thought I’d snap some pics and show you how it went! Everyone loves them so far and think they are the best things they ever tasted! My grandma said “this cookie is going to be our christmas eve cookie tradition from now on”. You’re famous woman!
Hope you have an amazing holiday. Miss you so much and love yaaaa to death.
This made me so so so happy!
Here are a couple of the pictures she shared with me!
Love you Kristin!
This is me Kristin, and Elyssa on Homecoming (kristin is wearing the blue headband)
You know what also made me extremely happy today…
I’ve already taken a BUNCH of pics, which I will be sharing with you tomorrow in a Christmas Day re-cap!
I hope everyone has had a wonderful christmas:)



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