Getting Back on Track

Hi everyone!

Happy WIAW..check it out over at Peas and Crayons blog!

So as I was eating a final breakfast at my Nanny’s house yesterday, (which I didn’t take a picture of because I didn’t realize it was Tuesday..) I decided its really time to get back on track with eating healthy, whole foods

And in case you were breakfast consisted of half a scone (wait a scone isan’t healthy right..ya..) and fruit salad

Eating a bunch of cookies and potato chips amoungst many other delicious food items was fun while it lasted, but I definitely feel a lot better when I eat better..makes sense right? speaking of potato chips..have you ever had THESE

Middleswarth is a potato chip company that ONLY sells their potato chips in certain areas of mom grew up for the most part in State College, Pennslyvania (where Penn State is), and every time we have gone to State College to visit, these potato chips are a must! And it just so happens that my Uncle brought a few bags for Christmas

We may or may not of hoarded the bar-b-q chip bag back to our hotel room..

And I just discovered you can order these on Amazon. uh oh

This post is suppose to be about getting back on track right? right

Enough instead I’ll show you what I had for breakfast THIS morning

Plain Greek yogurt with a dollop ( my friend HATEs that word haha) of almond butter, pumpkin butter, and some granola on top. delishhhh

For lunch yesterday I was craving salad, and my mom so kindly picked me up a salad from a local deli called The Linden Store because we have ZERO produce in our house right now

A veggie arugula salad with goat cheese, dried cranberries, and chicken deli meat, tossed in some low fat italian delicious! I forget how much I love arugula lettuce

I also munched on some grapes while laying on the couch all afternoon #solazy

Duke was feeling sleepy too

Don’t go stealing my Ugg’s Duke!

He was so happy to see me it was so cute!


For dinner last night we had meat sauce that my Aunt made

I had just a wee bit of pasta with lots of sauce

And salad to go alongside

Instead of the usual 3 cookies for dessert I had a clementine and a mini peanut butter cup from Trader joes

So my plans to get back on track are to

eat healthy, whole foods

drinks lots of water

work out 6 days a week

yup sounds about right! speaking of working out I should probably go do that now because I have a mall trip planned later..gotta catch all the good after christmas sales!


Questions for ya!: Do you have any plans to get back on track after holiday indulgences?

                                 Have you every had Middleswarth potato chips?!



9 Comments on “Getting Back on Track”

  1. Salaaaaaaaaad! I always crave salads after a heavy meal. Lovely eats, even if they ARE for getting back on track. 😉

  2. Yummy eats! 🙂
    I am def happy to get back on track! I had so much junk food over the past few days..I’m ready to eat some healthy food again!

  3. Cait's Plate says:

    Looks like a delicious day! Especially that breakfast! It’s right up my alley 🙂

  4. Yum. I’ve totally laid off the cookies, so no more cravings there! I’m also trying to get in as many veggies as I can here and there because I’ve been lacking major time.

  5. Kate says:

    I do plan on getting back on track, but I’m giving myself until New Year’s Day. I’ve laid off the desserts but I’m really focusing on eating healthy once the New Year comes 🙂

  6. Jessica says:

    Looks like a day of healthy food! My plan for getting back on track is eating more mindfully and paying attention to portion sizes….something that is very hard to remember to do around the holidays!

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