Highlights of 2011

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe tomorrow is NYE!..anyone have any good plans?

I plan on going out in Boston with a few of my friends..I’m pretty excited!

2011 was quite the year for me, filled with ups and downs, but mainly ups!

Especially since I rung in the new year with a month study abroad trip to Spain!

I met such an amazing group of friends, and seriously had the best time of my life. It makes me so sad to know that a year ago from today I was about to go on the best trip of my life…WAH. take me back now. please and thank you.

Right after I got back from Spain, I went through sorority recruitment and joined Alpha Delta Pi!

Toga party anyone? Greek week=best week ever.

For spring break I went to Miami with my mom and Nanny to visit my best friend Sam who goes to UMiami!

Oh to be tan again..

I love my Nanny:)

I started out my Summer with an amazing trip to France with my mom!

Such an amazing experience!

In the end of August I moved into my first apartment with my two best friends!

And in the beginning these two were the ones who convinced me to start the blog!

Here’s my very first post! It was when I made the Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake for Molly’s birthday

In November I experienced Homecoming week at my school for the first time with my sorority

Casually standing on the tower of 30 racks

In November I ran the Turkey Trot with my neighbor Alex

And I just spent 3 nights with my entire family at my Nanny and Papa’s house in New Port, RI for Christmas!

I posted re-cap’s here, here, and here in case you missed it!

I’d say it was quite the year! And it’s really fun to be able to look back on it all by doing this post:)

I have a list of goals for 2012, but I’ll save that for tomorrows post

I hope everyone has a great day!


Question for ya!: What were some of your highlights from 2011?



10 Comments on “Highlights of 2011”

  1. What a fun year! I’m so jealous that you went to Spain and France. I’m going on my dream trip this summer after I graduate- all over Europe with a tour group sponsored by my college. We aren’t stopping in Spain, but do you have any suggestions for where to go in France? Obviously I’m trying to plan ahead 😉 Also, any other traveling tips would be great.

    • That’s so cool! Europe is my favorite place ever, I’ve been very fortunate to have a few trips to France actually! Paris is a really cool experience, but I personally preferred visiting the smaller towns in France. When I was at the cooking school, we stayed in Perigord..which is a region right outside of Bordeaux in southern France..I loved that there are so many little towns to travel to and explore! So I would say any place in southern France in the Provence region is really worth visiting! And for other traveling tips around Europe..I’m not sure if your school plans out the traveling arrangements for you or not but flights around Europe are really cheap! especially if you book them in advance! And also staying in hostels in Europe is usually the way to go to save money! I hope all of this helps..any other questions just let me know!:)

  2. What a great re-cap! I’m thinking of doing this tomorrow…

    I am so jealous of all of your traveling!

  3. your trips look like they were such an awesome experience!! i’m quite jealous. 😉 i’m glad you had such a wonderful year!

  4. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance says:

    I had no idea that you studied abroad in Spain! I’m sure that was a phenomenal experience. Did you take academic-related classes or classes for language?

    • Ya I did!..I completed 7 credits while I was there..4 of them were for a basic spanish language class and the other 3 credits were completed in a “cultural course” aka we toured around Spain as a group and got credit for doing so..it was pretty awesome!

  5. What a nice year! 🙂 Thats so cool that you studied abroad in Spain! 🙂

  6. Congratulations on a great year!!!

    HOORAY for studying abroad!!

  7. Kate says:

    I’m jealous you got to study abroad! I haven’t been to Spain, but I would love to. Happy New Year’s!

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