A foodtastic day

Good Morning!

(why am I up so early AHH)

Yesterday was a great day because my Nanny and Papa came down to visit for the day! We went to their house for Christmas

We went out to lunch at my favorite restaurant Blue Ginger!

Like always, we shared a mix of small plates

kabocha squash wontons

mushroom spring roles with mustard slaw

These are their “bings” which are basically just dumplings, one of them was a ginger pork, another was a “blue cheeseburger”, and the last was a tofu scallion mixture..the pork was the best one!

Tuna Poke


black pepper shrimp over sticky rice

This was also a new addition..brased short rib and manchego cheese grilled cheese with spicy thai tomato soup. Words don’t even begin to describe how amazing this was. OH MY GOD ;LAKDSJF;ALKSDF. I was so full by the time this came, but I managed to eat half of a half dipped in the spicy tomato soup.

Yesterday after lunch was spent lounging around, and then we went to another amazing restaurant for dinner called Maxwells

I didn’t bring my camera to dinner with me, so all I have to show you of my delicious meal is an Iphone pic

I ordered the Kaffir lime scallops served over curried eggplant and chopped up peanuts. This was SO good! I need to remember to ask my parents to take me to Maxwells more often:)

The rest of my day (REST DAY WOO HOO) will be spent packing because I’m going back to school TOMORROW..I seriously can’t believe it!

Side note I found this picture last night of the pups and actually died.

LOOK HOW SMUSHY AND LITTLE DUKE WAS AHHH. Don’t you wish puppies would just always stay that little? I do.

Alrighty, time to get on with the day! I’ll try and post again later, but if not I’ll see you all in Delaware!


Question for ya! What is your favorite restaurant to go out to eat at?


7 Comments on “A foodtastic day”

  1. Ahhh everything looks delicious!! Winter break FLEW by for me. It feels good to be back up at school though! I wish all dogs stayed puppies, too adorable. My dog is almost 6 but he still looks like a puppy, it kills me.

  2. Cait's Plate says:

    Oh my goodness, that most certainly is a foodtastic day!! Everything looks so amazing! Also? I love that you do the keyboard freakout (LKSDFH:KEFHWKWE) – I DO THAT SAME THING!! Haha. Sometimes it’s the best way to express how exciting/awesome things are!

  3. Everything looks so good, especially the tomato soup + short rib sandwich. My favorite restaurants are Chili’s, Bahama Breeze, or my local Greek restaurant! 🙂

  4. Lauren says:

    That tomato soup looks amazing! I’m a huge Mexican food fan – so I would have to say my favorite restaurant is La Rancherita in Raleigh. It is just so good (especially the salsa).

  5. omg that grilled cheese and soup look SOOO good!

  6. Kim @ Eat, Live, and Blog says:

    food at the blue ginger looks amazing!!! My favorite restaurant to eat at is thai spoon and clocked. Have a great sunday! 🙂

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