Back to school time

I can’t believe I’m headed back to school tomorrow! I know I keep saying that..but it just doesn’t feel real

Well technically I’m going back to school on Tuesday, and going to my roommate Molly’s house in New Jersey tomorrow for the night to break up the drive a bit

Being home for 3 weeks has been really relaxing, and I’ve had lots of fun being with my family and friends

And of course cuddling with my two favorite people dogs

Yes sometimes I lay on the ground and cuddle with my dogs..what you don’t do that? oh.


ugh I just want to bring them with me:(

I realized I forgot to tell you about the half-batch of chocolate chip cookies I whipped up last night after dinner specifically for my Papa

I think it took me about 3 minutes to whip up the dough..I would call that record-time cookie baking!

Then didn’t really rise at all..not sure why..but a warm chocolate chip cookie just can’t be bad ya know?

And for my farewell dinner I requested a simple, yet delicious meal of roast chicken and roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus

delishhh..I also had some salad before this..and I sent the rest of the chocolate chip cookies home with my Nanny and Papa, so instead I had a little piece of dark chocolate for dessert:)

I probably won’t be posting again until Tuesday when I’m in delly-where, but we shall see

Random thought..I can’t decide if football is really boring, or really exciting to watch..anyone else feel this way?

I say this because as I’m sitting here writing this post my whole family (dogs included) are watching football..okay maybe the dogs aren’t actually watching but you know what I mean

I’m just going to go before you all think I’m weird..or weirder than before


catch y’all later


Question for ya!: What meal do you request from your parents when they cook you dinner?

11 Comments on “Back to school time”

  1. Seeing my dog is the best part about being home. I too lay on the floor all the time with my dog and pet him to death. Normal 😀 Have a safe trip back to school!

  2. I never know what’s going on, so unless there’s a touchdown or field goal, I’m clueless lol. I mainly watch football if I want to indulge in some yummy snacks. Denver fans are going crazy tonight, though!

  3. Allison says:

    Football is boring!!! Hahah

    Good luck with starting up at school again!

  4. I LOVE football – It’s the only sport I will watch!

  5. Warm chocolate chip cookies are the BEST!!! 🙂 I hope you had a nice relaxing time at home! Have a safe drive!

  6. Krystie says:

    Your doggies are too cute! I cuddle with my pomeranian on a daily basis you are not alone. I love roasting my veggies I think they taste the best when cooked that way! I always cook for myself my mom would rather order out so I’d have her order my favorite salad from Beverly Hills Cafe!!

  7. Kristin Fretz says:

    chelc i have the same exact question about football hahah i try so hard to get into it like everyone else, but i just get so distracted! have fun with molly and at delawareeee

  8. Alicia says:

    I feel ya, sometimes I’m totally into football and at other times I find it soooo boring! LOL Glad you’ve enjoyed your time with family! Have a safe trip back to school!

  9. I LOVE my dads chicken marsala pasta! I have tried to recreate it multiple times and it is never the same!

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