I love my friends

Good Morning!..oh wait its just not the morning anymore is it?..this is awkward

Wanna know where I have been spending the majority of my days?


the couch

my life is kind of a joke right now and I’m 100% okay with it because once spring semester starts I will be super busy and my couch will miss me a lot

So all I have to show you are some pictures I took with my friends last night before we went out

I love them (hence the title of this post yup I’m original like that)

Norman Molly and Me

Me Molly and Lindsay

Me and Vanessa!

Happy Friday everyone!!



4 Comments on “I love my friends”

  1. It looks like you ladies are having fun 🙂 And as for spending time on the couch “Time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted!”

  2. raceready says:

    I love all the happiness that I see in these pics!

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