My Favorite Dinner

You know who I’m obsessed with?


She’s a superhuman, and if I could be anyone in this world besides myself it would be Beyonce..

And sometimes when I listen to her songs in the car, I sing and pretend to be her..I wish I was kidding

And can’t we just see a picture of Blue Ivy already?! I mean come genetically perfect is that child going to be?!

What does all this have to do with my favorite dinner you ask?

Well if I can’t be Beyonce, I think next in line would be Mama Pea from Peas and Thank You

In case you don’t read Mama Pea’s blog, or own her should really get on both of those things because she is the funniest, coolest mom ever..and shes pretty awesome at creating vegan/vegetarian recipes as well

Every single recipe I’ve made in this book is AMAZING..

Which brings me to one of my favorite Mama Pea recipes, that isan’t in her first book..but might possibly be in her second?! (side note..I can’t WAIT for her second cook book to come out)

Thai Fried Quinoa

this is her beautiful picture

and this is mine..but I promise you this is one of my favorite dinners to make…I’ve made this recipe so many times I don’t even need to look at the recipe anymore

The quinoa is cooked in coconut milk, to make it extra delicious, and the pineapple seriously makes the dish


please do me a favor and make this recipe?

Its ready in about 20 minutes and its just plain old awesome

Wanna know what else I ate today that was awesome?

Egg whites, cheese, and tomato on a scooped out whole wheat everything bagel..UGH why are bagel sandwiches so good?!

This post was really random/weird

so this is the end.

okayyyyy bye.

Happy TGIT (Thank god its Thursday)


Questoin for ya! Have you made any Mama Pea recipes?! If so, what’s your favorite?



7 Comments on “My Favorite Dinner”

  1. I wanna try some of her recipes but never get around to it! I will soon though. And seriously sandwiches on bagels DO taste so freakin’ good. Not being racist, but you kinda look like a white version of Beyonce. Similar at least! Just looking at her picture next to your main blog picture.

  2. Hey thanks for the recommendation! I definitely need to get more adventurous with my quinoa. This looks awesome!

  3. haha I’m still not onto this whole scooped thing. Maybe it’s because my favorite bagel places can make any of their bagels “skinny” with a special bagel cutter.

  4. Ahh I’ve wanted that book! I’ve made her dough balls.. and YUM.

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