Sushi and Eggs

Good Morning!

Wow its amazing how much better I feel waking up this morning verses yesterday morning…:)

Before I tell you about my delicious breakfast I need to tell you about my dinner last night!

Molly and I went on a date (lol.) to Potstickers Asian Grill and Sushi Bar…seriously one of my favorite restaurants in Newark!

Instead of bringing regular bread to the table, they bring these little donuts with a honey butter

amazing. Little pillows of dough with sweet butter GAH. Its a good thing they only bring 2 per person..

Then I got Angry Tuna Roll with brown rice

Potstickers Angry Tuna Roll*

Black peppered Tuna and Avocado roll topped with spicy Tuna

And Molly and I split a side order of Eggplant in Garlic Sauce


After dinner we went to Marble Slab Creamery (basically the same thing as coldstone) and I got a chocolate frozen yogurt with chocolate covered pretzels and reeses pieces..I failed to take a picture but I only took a few bites of it cause it was super rich and I was so full from dinner

But chocolate covered pretzels in ice cream is where its at

I opted out of going out last night because I was just too exhausted and needed to give my body a little break if ya know what I mean

So this morning I woke up and made myself an AWESOME breakfast sandwich

I cooked 1 egg with a couple tablespoons of cottage cheese (sounds weird but I promise it made the eggs SO creamy) and a handful of baby spinach, salt and pepper. All served on an toasted english muffin that I slathered with hummus.

Note to self: ALWAYS add cottage cheese to eggs. I also only had 1 egg so I figured I needed some way to bulk up the eggs a bit..and eggs and hummus together is an awesome combo!

Alongside my new favorite cafe mocha

Which is just coffee and chocolate almond milk..ahmazing..and so much healthier than a regular cafe mocha!

I plan on spending the rest of my day relaxing, hanging out with friends, and working out at some point

I hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing weekend so far!


Question for ya!: Are you a fan of sushi?! What is your favorite sushi roll to order?

I LOVE sushi..I usually order a specialty roll that has some form of tuna in it!


12 Comments on “Sushi and Eggs”

  1. Love sushi ❤ My favorites are anything smothered with eel sauce 🙂 I gotta try that cottage cheese with eggs thing! I hate rubbery eggs!

  2. Kristin Fretz says:

    after reading and seeing the pictures here im REALLY mad i overslept dinner -____- sorry i suck. but i am getting really into sushi these days!! i love crunchy spicy tuna a LOT in DC, and i got a funky roll (baked california roll with yummy sauces on top) and a lasagna roll (sounds gross, but its cali roll with baked cheese and sauce on top LOL)

  3. I really love your idea of adding cottage cheese to the eggs!

  4. mollie says:

    my egg theory: the more cottage cheese you add to the eggs, the more delicious they become!! If I make 2 eggs or 1 egg and a couple egg whites I typically add 1/4c or 1/3c cottage cheese. Really, once you try it, you can never go back!!!

    enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. I looooveee sushi!!! I haven’t had it in a while, so so good. That’s such a great idea to add cottage cheese and the chocolate almond milk in coffee, swoooon! I stayed in last night too, I had a wonderful night of sleep 🙂

  6. kbwood says:

    your food always looks BALLER! i love yo blog 🙂 I love sushi!!!

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