Eating and Drinking my way through NYC

Hi everyone!

How has your weekend been so far?

I just got back a little while ago from my trip to NYC with Molly and I had such an amazing time! Why can’t Newark, Delaware be a little more like NYC?

Yesterday Molly and I got to the city around 12pm, walked to her sisters apartment to drop off our bags, and walked to restaurant called Pipa for lunch

look how cool the chandeliers are!

happy Molly!

We each started out with a glass of red Sangria (YUM) and Mushroom Croquettes

Me and my Sangria with  my happiest smile on:)

these were SO good! And for my meal I decided on the Tuna Nicoise Salad

The tuna was perfectly cooked and the sun-dried tomato vinagrette was awesome! Underneath the greens were potatoes..SO yummy!

After lunch we walked over to Crumbs bakery for a cupcake! There were SO many options to choose from but after much debate we decided to split the PB cup cupcake..cause I mean there is NO way it couldn’t be amazing

THIS WAS UNREAL../I have no idea how one person eats a whole cupcake by themselves?! all of the cupcakes are HUGE..oh and they list the caloric value of each cupcake..which I guess is nice but who wants to know that they are about to consume 550 calories of pure sugar? We cut it down the middle and I enjoyed EVERY bite

Then we ventured over to Eataly to walk around and DROOL at everything!..In case you don’t know what Eataly is..its a huge indoor italian market that also has several restaurants intertwined in the market as well as places to get gelato, coffee, panini’s, bottles of wine, fresh cheese, fresh baked bread, ANYTHING you can imagine they have! I was so full from my lunch and cupcake but I was still so envious of all of the food that was on display there!

Since we couldn’t leave Eataly without getting SOMETHING Molly and I decided to split a small Salted Caramel Gelato

hands down best gelato I’ve ever had..EVER. I was fighting with Molly for the last bite..not really..but it was pretty darn tasty

Then we decided it would be appropriate to walk into a dog park without a dog just so we could say hi to dogs..

Yes I am officially a total creeper..but come on SO MANY DOGS TO PET AND SAY HI TOO! Everyone in the dog park probably thought we were both total weirdos but we still loved every minute of it

After being total sketch’s we walked around a little bit more, did some window shopping, and then declared it time for Happy Hour:)

We went to a bar/ restaurant called Cask bar and kitchen..they had a happy hour special of certain drinks for 5-7$ a piece

I stuck with two more glasses of Sangria

deeelish..we also got a couple appetizers to share including sweet potato fries and a bruschetta that were both delicious! My friend Alex who lives in the city came and met up with us so it was great to catch up with her!

After happy hour we went back to Molly’s sisters apartment, hung out for a little while, and then got ready to go out to a late dinner

Molly and Sammi:) Such a cute pic!

Me and Molly:)

For dinner we went to this really cool place called the Mulberry was a really small place right by Little Italy that is known for its unique drinks and atmosphere

We ended up waiting a while for a table (there were only about 8 tables in the whole place) so we didn’t even sit down to dinner until about 10:30

What is so cool about the place is that for drinks they pretty much don’t have a drink just tell the bartender what kind of alcohol you like, fruity or not fruity, sweet or savory, etc and the mixologist creates the special drink for you! Once we got to the table we ordered a pitcher for the table.

The drink was some kind of vodka drink with fresh strawberries blended in

I have NO idea what else was in this magical concoction..but it was amazing!

The food is a bunch of small plates, so we ordered about 5 different items for everyone to share. I only ended up snapping a picture of the Truffle Parmesan fries because it was really late and we were all hungry!

these were awesome..we also got an amazing butternut squash risotto and really good chicken wings

After dinner we went to a bar for another drink, but then Molly and I called it a night (I guess the day drinking got to us a little:)..)

And this morning before we left it was a MUST to get a true New York Bagel

Heaven on earth. I got a whole wheat everything scooped out and toasted with low fat vegetable cream words even describe how amazing this bagel tasted

WOAH this has been a LONG post! Overall the trip was SO much fun and it was great to get away before spring semester starts! (yes my classes FINALLY start on Monday..and no I am not even remotely happy about it)

and tomorrow is the Superbowl!!!


My mom sent me some fun patriots gear so I am all set for the game tomorrow! thanks mom you are the best!!

Question for ya!: Do you have any fun superbowl plans?

I am going to my friends house to watch the game..I just need to decide what I am going to bring to make! Any suggestions?!


6 Comments on “Eating and Drinking my way through NYC”

  1. Ahhh sounds like such an amazing day!!! Super jealous of all the great things you got to eat/drink ;D I’m going to a friends party for the superbowl too!

  2. EveryCraving says:

    Sounds like an awesome trip filled with delicious eats! I’m so jealous over here drooling over that cupcake! Hope ya have a good Superbowl Sunday 🙂

  3. It sounds like a fun weekend! Mine was pretty chill, but I did watch the super bowl with some other bloggers 🙂 (and by watched, I mean, we had a hot sauce eating competition in the kitchen hehe)

  4. What a fantastic weekend! So much great stuff going on in this post… all of that food and pretty drinks… I am craving NYC now haha
    Bagels there are just flipping amazing. I like bagels, but they’re not my favorite. However when I go to NYC, well they are a MUST!

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