Ten Things Tuesday


My love grown foods granola that I won from Courtney’s giveaway! Molly texted me while I was in class saying that she thought my granola came in the mail..my response..SHUT UP.

2. So obviously for a afternoon snack yesterday I had to incorporate love grown granola!

I used the cranberry pecan granola in this yogurt bowl with plain greek yogurt, strawberries, and blueberries. DELICIOUS!!

3. This week in my sorority is known as “spirit week” aka Recruitment madness!! Sorority recruitment starts this weekend and apparently around 950 girls have signed up to go through recruitment….its going to be a lONG yet very rewarding weekend!

4. I totally forgot to tell you about the fro yo I got for lunch on Sunday

I got chocolate and banana fro yo with lots of berries and a few chocolate chips..I try not to get fro yo that often cause its SO expensive..but there are 2 self serve fro yo places at my school..yes 2! Within about a block of each other..its pretty dangerous territory let me tell you

5. I ALSO forgot to mention the delicious dinner I had with Molly’s family last Thursday night at a thai restaurant in their town

I got an amazing salmon dish with green curry vegetables

And for dessert we all shared a Chocolate Souffle

it was phenomenal.

6. This was my breakfast this morning

whole wheat english muffin with banana, almond butter, and a sprinkle of cinnamon..this combination will NEVER get old

7. So even though yesterday was insanely busy, I had a really good first day of classes! I think I’ll actually enjoy my schedule this semester a lot more than I did last semester!

8. Today I’m going to Target..which I’m extremely excited about yet terrified because I ALWAYS end up getting something that is not on my list..

9. I’ve decided going on the Bachelor would be totally worth it just for all the amazing traveling they get to do..Courtney is still a pyscho in my mind..I’m mid watching the episode from last night on my DVR while typing this post

10. I was too bitter to discuss any further details about the Superbowl yesterday, but I need to mention the buffalo chicken dip I made to bring for the game

I used Iowa Girl Eat‘s recipe..I seriously could not stop eating this!! Everyone else also enjoyed it!

I’m off to go watch the rest of the Bachelor, do some homework, and then go to the gym!

I hope everyone has a great day!


Question for ya!: Do you watch the Bachelor? If so, who is your favorite?

I really like Kacie!!


8 Comments on “Ten Things Tuesday”

  1. Seriously how delicious is love grown. I need to stock up when I go home because that’s the only place I know they sell it! I like Casey B the best. I think he’s going to pick her! My mom even said “they never marry the slut” lmaoo

  2. #6 is my favorite! 🙂 Because i eat it 4x a week haha LOVE it!

  3. Delaware has TWO self-serve fro yo places?! WHY didn’t they have them when I was there & WHY can’t I go back to being a college student?! 🙂

  4. Mmm I love buffalo dip! Good luck during this busy week!

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