WIAW-Granola Lovin


I am already exhausted from all the sudden activity in my life and its only Wednesday..mehh

I am writing this post the night before so I can sleep in a little later before class:)

so happy WIAW! This month‘s WIAW  is focusing on adding extra veggies to your diet! So I particpated in the fun yesterday without really realizing it..saweeet!


I realize I already showed you what I ate for breakfast yesterday..but oh well here it is again! English muffin with almond butter, banana, and cinnamon..nom nom nom


Before I went to my workout class yesterday I ate some cocoa dusted almonds and apple

insert awkward picture of me holding the almonds..


By the time I got home from the gym I was STARVING..but I knew I was in the mood for eggs (random) so I whipped myself up a quick omelette (a great way to add extra veggies to your day!)

I made an egg white omelette with spinach and goat cheese! YUM..side note..this was my FIRST successful attempt at omelette making!! It was almost too beautiful to eat!..key word: almost

I thought this lunch would keep me full for a while..but I was still hungry after eating this..so in my hand went into the bag of Love Grown Foods granola

this stuff is seriously laced with crack or something..its SO good! I ate a couple handfuls before I forced myself to put the bag back in the pantry

Snack # 2

I couldn’t resist.

When I was in line at Target somehow this individual bag of Annies chedder bunnies snack mix jumped into my cart and were demolished when I got in the car..there is a reason why I don’t buy an entire box!


I cooked up a big batch of quinoa to have for the rest of the week, so for dinner I roasted some veggies and grilled some chicken that I marinated in terriyaki sauce..topped with a little hot sauce and it was a pretty good bowl!

Roasting veggies is my favorite way to eat veggies! I roasted zucchini and eggplant for 35 minutes at 375 degrees F..tossing them every 10 minutes or so. I like to add a little olive oil and spices to my veggies

After din din I went to recruitment practice from 7-9 where I danced and got sweaty again..shower number 2 of the day WOO

But before I showered I was STARVING..again..

Nighttime Snack

Chocolate vita top heated up with some peanut butter and half a sliced banana..SO GOOD..and then my spoon ended up back in the pb jar:) I really wish peanut butter counted as a vegetable..

Overall it was a great day of eats!

Last weeks WIAW post discussed my difficulty with increasing my caloric intake..well clearly you can see I’m am doing a lot better with that!

Yes eating more still gives me some anxiety, but I don’t let it stop me from listening to my body..when I’m hungry I WILL eat!

I know from the comments that people left me on last weeks post that disordered thoughts around food and eating takes a while to get over..changes don’t happen over night…but I know I am definitely moving in the right direction!

I hope everyone has a great day! And to leave you with something funny..my best friend Molly from home texted me a picture yesterday and the caption was “what I ate tuesday”

I asked her what the hell this was and she told me it was a burger with an onion ring on top..crazy! I hope you enjoyed your burger Molly hahaha


Question for ya!: What is the best thing you’ve eaten recently?!

I think mine would have to be my vitatop with pb and banana:)


12 Comments on “WIAW-Granola Lovin”

  1. OMG THAT BURGER. Is huge! But more importantly please come and make the omelet for us! Everytime – everrrrryyyyy time – we try it always gets all messed up and well ugly 😦

  2. Christy says:

    You are so right about PB counting as a vegetable! I wish!

  3. Omg that chicken looks soooo good!!!! I usually work with ground meat because (for some reason) I feel like I don’t know how to work with chicken breasts very well. Can you do a little recipe/tutorial on how to marinade meat and grill it?

  4. Seriously I can NEVER make a successful omelet!!! It always turns into scrambled eggs. One time my friend accidently ordered a FRIED BURGER and her stomach was ripped up the rest of the night. hahah

  5. Alicia says:

    Lots of yummy eats! I haven’t tried that brand of granola, I may have to look into it bc it definitely looks amazingly delicious! Happy Wednesday girl, hope it’s a great one. 🙂

  6. You had such a great day of eats here! I am loving all of the variety… and that chicken looks fantastic! A dinner like that is just so ideal and delicious of course 🙂
    I have never made a successful omelet so I give you major props for that one! umm teach me!? haha

  7. cheddar bunnies are my weakness =) and LG needs to be dubbed love grown crack. for serious =) that is my fav flavor!

    happy wiaw!!!

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