“Pasta” for One


So this week has been crazy, and this weekend is only about to get crazier with the first two rounds of recruitment

So basically every night for dinner I’ve been coming up with easy meals that I can make/inhale in about 20 minutes before I go to recruitment practice

Last night I finally got around to eating the Tofu Shirataki noodles I bought at the grocery store a while ago

If you’ve never seen these in the grocery store, they are noodles made out of tofu..so I guess you could call them “fake” spaghetti. The entire bag is only 40 calories! I bought the angel hair version..and while they don’t resemble spaghetti exactly, I really don’t mind the difference and they are convenient to have on hand for a quick dinner!

So last night I used the noodles to whip up a quick dinner!

I sauteed some sliced mushrooms and a garlic clove over medium heat with a little cooking spray

I added in a little salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes

Then I added in a handful of spinach

Then I added in about 1/4 of a cup of store bought marinara sauce (RAO’s in my favorite to buy) Then I added in a leftover chicken sausage sliced up from last nights dinner

Then rinsed and drained the noodles and microwaved them for a minute. After that I added them into the pan and tossed in some parmesan cheese

Now you have yourself a nice big healthy bowl of pasta!

I was SO full after this!

I think these noodles are definitely worth giving a try if you haven’t yet..you can normally find them wherever the tofu is sold in your grocery store!

So I’m pretty much checking out of blogging for the weekend because of recruitment..but I’ll be back on Monday with an update!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Question for ya!: Have you tried the tofu shirataki noodles? If so, are you a fan of them?

I am definitely a fan! I think the best part about them is how easy they are to prepare!

13 Comments on ““Pasta” for One”

  1. Wow, this looks amazing! I bet you’d be SO full! I’m not sure I could stop. 🙂 I haven’t tried those noodles, but I usually use egg noodles for almost every pasta and love them!

  2. I’ve never had them before! I’m all about a super easy dinner though that keeps me full 🙂

  3. Molly says:

    i’m a little angry you ate those tofu noodles without me…….

  4. This meal looks awesome! I’ve been wanting to try those “noodles” for a while now, but dont think theyre sold here..

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. I like those too! I don’t eat them THAT often, but they’re pretty good! I need to try some new recipes with them!

  6. Lindsay Irwin says:


  7. I’ve seen these before but I’ve always been nervous to try them. I thought they would taste weird. Now that you’ve written about them and how great they are, I’ll give them a try!

  8. I have never had those noodles before… but I heard they are good as long as your prepare them correctly!
    I should give them a try sometime, thanks for the recipe!

  9. Oh cool! I’ve seen these noodles a million times, but have never tried them! Thanks for a good recipe!!

  10. Whoa! I have never seen these before. They look more like ramen noodles than pasta, but I’ll definitely be giving them a try if I find them at the grocery store. 40 calories for a whole bag? That’s awesome

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