A day to eat chocolate

Happy Valentines Day!

I’ve always thought that valentines day was a lame excuse for hallmark and other companies to make way to much money..but at the same time I kind of love it because its just another excuse to sit down with your own box of chocolates and take a bite out of each one..what you don’t do that?

ANYWHO..my valentines this year are my mom and dad..super cute I know..and all my single friends at school joke that we are each others valentines..lol.

But my parents kindly sent me some yummy chocolates and a card!

woops one is missing! okay so truth: I ACTUALLY got these in the mail a few weeks ago when my mom sent me patriots gear for the superbowl..but I couldn’t wait to open the chocolates because I’m impatient..and I clearly couldn’t manage to take a picture before eating one:) woopsies!

And yes I took a little bit out of every chocolate to see which one was the best..when the box is all yours I think you have the right to do that!

But the card I waited to open until this morning

thanks mom and dad!:) Love you!

And in honor of valentines day..this morning I made my self a chocolatey breakfast!

A Cafe Mocha

which is coffee with 1 tsp cocoa powder, stevia sweetner, and some chocolate almond milk..SO good!

And some chocolate berry steel cut oats!

I’ve had these in my pantry from Trader Joes for a while now, but I’m always too lazy to make them! But since I’m out of regular oats I took the time to make these and they are awesome!

I cooked the oats on the stove top according to instructions and then stirred in 1 tsp cocoa powder, 1/2 tsp stevia sweetner, and 1/4 cup frozen mixed berries..topped with a tbsp of almond butter and some love grown granola

I really want to bake something today because its valentines day..but I don’t know if that’s actually going to happen or not because I have a lot of work to catch up on:/

We are also in dire need of groceries so we are making a trip to costco (GAH CAN’T WAIT) and probably the regular grocery store as well

I hope everyone has a lovely day! (pun intended..see what I did there?)

Okay I’m going to stop now..


Question for ya!: Do you have any fun plans for valentines day? Are you a fan of the holiday?

I don’t really have any plans..and I’m not too big of a fan but I don’t absolutely hate it either because I love holidays where you get to eat chocolate:)

5 Comments on “A day to eat chocolate”

  1. It is definitely chocolate day. I have no plans other than eat chocolate and probably drink wine with my roommate #singlegirlproblems
    Have a goooood day!

  2. Alicia says:

    Happy Valentines Day girlie! 🙂 You’re parents are such sweethearts!! My dad always used to buy me flowers and candy when I lived at home. I thought it was so special and sweet. I hope my hubby will do the same someday for our little girl. I sooo want to bake too but I’ll end up eating all the goodies MYSELF! 😛 haha

  3. Ohhh yum! I actually got some chocolate almond milk in the mail to review, and I wasn’t sure what I should try making with it. That mocha sounds awesome!

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