Fun in the Sun


So less than 48 hours later I’m back in Delaware..fastest trip to Florida ever!

Friday night I got to Florida around 8pm and went out to a late dinner with my Grandparents which I failed to take any pictures of

Saturday morning I went out to breakfast with my grandparents at this really cute place in downtown Sarasota. I ordered a delicious egg white omelet

The omelet had herbed goat cheese, roasted tomatoes, zucchini, and onions. I pretty much will always order the item containing goat cheese in it on any menu I’m that obsessed. this omelet was so good! I ate the whole omelet and about half the potatoes and half the english muffin

I was a little nervous when I woke up Saturday morning and it was cloudy, but as soon as we got back from breakfast the sun came out!

this is the view from my Grandparent’s condo..not too shabby huh?

I was pretty much planted by the pool all day long..and my mom and I were drinking mimosas out of coffee cups:)

My dad wanted us to take a picture because his favorite picture of the three of us is when I was about 5 years old and we were in this same pool all swimming together..14 years later and we’re back!

the whole fam:)

For dinner Saturday night we went out to a nice restaurant that is right on the water

This was a view right next to our nice! Oh and there is my mom’s head lol

And we got another family shot

For dinner I ordered a delicious salmon dish that was a miso glazed salmon with green beans

I only ate one piece of the salmon it was such a huge portion!

And the star of the show was the dessert they brought out special for my Grandmas 80 40th birthday! 🙂

they brought us out chocolate fondue with a special liquid ice presentation! how cool!

They also brought my Grandma a key lime pie with a candle in it..such a pretty birthday girl!

And we ALSO got a mud pie

coffe ice cream with an oreo, my brother, and Grandpa demolished this

A nice picture of my Grandma and Grandpa:)

And me and my brother:)

This morning I got up early with my mom to take a short walk on the beach before I had to leave for the airport

it was a beautiful morning

I was sad it was such a short trip I wish I got to stay longer!

But it was nice to spend time with my family and I’ll be back in florida in a couple weeks for my Spring break!! gahh I can’t wait!

Now its definitely time for bed it was a lONG day!


Question for ya!: What is one fun thing you did this past weekend?

mine was sun-bathing by the pool with my mommy:)




14 Comments on “Fun in the Sun”

  1. I’m so jealous! that looks like such a fantastic trip! (I love that you drank mimosas out of coffee cups, hahaha can I please vacation with you?!)

  2. EveryCraving says:

    Looks like you’ve been having a wonderful time with delicious food! The views are so pretty. My favorite part of my weekend was today I went shopping, got some yoga pants on sale that are super comfy, got take out in the hotel room with my friends and I have been non-stop munching and looking at food for the past 2 days! Haha, I really need these yoga pants for how much I’ve been stuffing my face! 🙂

  3. Mimosas out of coffee cups are such a great idea haha 😀 Glad you had a wonderful time! Nothing like quality family time.

  4. Alaina says:

    What a GORGEOUS view! My grandfather lives in Bradenton so I’ve been to Sarasota a lot; I love it! Looks like you had a great weekend!

  5. I love family photos! I’m glad your short trip to Florida was fabulous. The highlight of my weekend was brunch + day drinking + manicures with my friend. Winning combo.

  6. Life Eat Repeat says:

    I would KILL to suntan by the beach right now! The weather here is just blah- in the 50’s- I can’t wait for summer!! 🙂

    Weekend was great- Soccer game, 2 good weight workouts, bonfire with the friends!

  7. Rebecca holmboe says:

    Hi Chelcie! I’m glad you trip was fun!!! This weekend the only thing I did was go to my soccer game and the got hunger games tickets for me and all of my friends. we all read the books and loved them! ( I heard you were reading them too)!
    glad you had a good trip!!:)

  8. Wow what a gorgeous view! Envious to say the very least 🙂 So glad your trip was fun, you just got me even more excited for summer! (didn’t know that was possible ha)

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