Hibachi Fun


So last night for my best friend Lindsay’s birthday a big group of us went out to dinner at Hibachi!

we were at a table with all of us and then some random couple that kindly took a picture of all of us lol

We were brought salad’s before the hibachi man came in to get the show started

the dressing was a little creamy for my liking..but I still ate most of the salad

Then the show got started!

mmm fried rice

And the birthday girl got a candle in hers!

onions on fire!

I got the chicken and shrimp combo..so good! I couldn’t eat all of it though they give you so much food!

Then some random guests who were at the restaurant came in to help sing happy birthday lol

Then we took some pictures:)

Group Shot!

It was so much fun to go out to hibachi and we all left with serious hibachi food babies!

I also made Lindsay’s Nutella chocolate chip cookies for her birthday which I’ll share the recipe for tomorrow:)

I hope everyone has a great day!


Question for ya!: Have you ever been out to Hibachi? Do you like it?

I have only a few times and I think its so much fun and delicious too!


9 Comments on “Hibachi Fun”

  1. I love hibachi. They seriously give you SO much food though! I always leave with like two more meals haha

  2. EveryCraving says:

    I love hibachi or any other place like it! We have a ton down here with different names but it’s the same thing really. It used to be tradition that I went to one every birthday that was in my immediate family. The really do give you so much food, but that’s what I love about it! Lots of leftover for the next day. Can.not.wait. for the nutella cookies!

  3. I LOVE the places where they cook in front of you- so much fun and delicious too!

    That’s a good date night idea! 🙂

  4. Lindsay Irwin says:

    HI I LOVE YOU BYE ❤ ps everyone get ready for the nutella choc chip cookies… extremely amazing and dangerous

  5. Tiff says:

    I really enjoy hibachi, but I haven’t been in forever. Thanks for reminding me of how fun it is!

  6. Alaina says:

    The last time I went to a Hibachi restaurant, it was in Florida and I was about 12 years old. I remember having shrimp for the first time there and thought it was delicious! And my grandfather ordered a medium rare steak and the hibachi guy who was cooking held up one side of the steak and said “medium”, and then flipped it to the other (non-cooked) side and said “rare”. Haha. Still get a kick out of that.

    Looks like you all had a great time!

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