A to Z Survey

Hi friends!

So I thought I would catch along with other bloggers and fill out a fun survey courtesy of Janetha from Meals and Moves!

A is for age:
19..turning 20 on April 15th..WOO! 20 is such an awkward age..

B is for breakfast today:

Overnight oats in my Nutella Jar

Topped with a few pb cheerios..SO good! except I was hungry about 2 hours later..not the most filling batch of overnight oats!

C is for currently craving:

Fro yo..I always crave fro yo..true story I went and got fro yo by myself yesterday because I was craving it so badly..

this isan’t the fro yo I got last night I was too lazy to take a picture of it

D is for dinner tonight:

uhh not sure..something from the freezer probably :/

but here is what I just ate for lunch it was delicious!

A whole wheat wrap with a chicken sausage, goat cheese, spinach, and some marinara sauce..deeelish

E is for favorite type of exercise:

Circuit style work outs!! My favorite class at the gym here is called Calorie Killer and its a circuit style class that is a step-choreography interval followed by a plyometrics style interval, followed by a toning drill and then repeated..its awesome!

F is for an irrational fear:

Snakes, sharks, and alligators..just thinking about them makes me cringe

G is for gross food:

wasabi or brussel sprouts..YUCk

H is for hometown:

Natick, MA

I is for something important:

My family:)

J is for current favorite jam:

i’m obsessed with this song lately..its so random but SO good!

K is for kids:

hah NO.

L is for current location:

In my student center studying blogging

M is for the most recent way you spent money:

I ordered this dress on a whim..I hope it looks cute on!

N is for something you need:

SLEEP..and relaxation..thank god spring break is next week!

O is for occupation:

Full-time college student..it counts:)

P is for pet peeve:

being late for anything

Q is for a quote:

HAHAH. truth.

R is for random fact about you:

I feel like i’ve shared so many random facts with you already..so see this post for some!

S is for favorite healthy snack:


If you haven’t tried the passionfruit yet…DO it! it is amazing.

T is for favorite treat:

umm Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies

I have a weird obsession with Annie’s Cheddar bunnies..and I can’t buy the box because then I will eat the entire thing..the individual bags are awesome!

U is for something that makes you unique:

uhh I’ve been told I’m weird on numerous occasions..but I guess something that makes me unique is I’ve never broken a bone! (knock on wood)

V is for favorite vegetable:

umm probably either zucchini or butternut squash!

mmm roasted zucchini! SO good!

W is for today’s workout:

Calorie Killer Class at the gym!

X is for X-rays you’ve had:

I’ve had X-ray’s of my lungs and of my foot..and maybe a couple others that I don’t remember

Y is for yesterday’s highlight:

Going to bed at 9pm..yes that did happen.

Z is for your time zone:

East coast!


I love doing survey’s like this..and since I haven’t had time to share any new recipes lately its something else for your blogging entertainment:)

i hope everyone has a great rest of the day!


Question for ya!: Pick one of the above and answer it!


3 Comments on “A to Z Survey”

  1. Haha I literally have roasted zucchini in my oven RIGHT NOW!

  2. EveryCraving says:

    I had oats in a nutella jar today, too! So good. Then again, anything with the addition of nutella is.

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