Impulse Buys=Success!


So remember that dress I showed you that I ordered on impulse?..well it came in the mail the other day and I’m happy to say I love it!

that tis the front

and this is the was pretttty challenging taking a picture of the back so after several failed attempts this is the best I got lol

i love it!

the dress is more of a cotton like material so it could be dressed down with a cute jacket and pair of sandals

And along with the dress I ordered a cute pair of shoes for spring!

I wore them today to class and they didn’t even give me any blisters! So comfy i’m obsessed!

Today for lunch I was in the mood for one thing. A big green monster!!

i drank this out of a 2 cup measuring cup..I actually weirdly liked using this as a cup!

2 cups of smoothie goodness..I always try to drink my smoothies slowly so they last doesn’t work out very fact most of the time I give myself brain freeze

A couple hours after my smoothie I went for a 3 mile run

I saw some pretty flowers along the way so I took a pic

I am seriously SO sore from muscle pump yesterday and calorie killer on Monday so the first mile or so was pretty brutal

For me, the first mile is always the hardest!! Does anyone else feel this way??

Oh and some basically naked men ran past me during my run..they were pretty intense..I considered snapping a picture but they were too fast/ that would have been awkward..

ANYwho I just got back from dinner with my friends Amanda and Lindsay (there is the shout out Amanda! lol)  to Homegrown!

we started out by sharing the tapas platter

with Amanda’s finger on the side lol sorry for the bad quality photo..but the salad in the middle is a marinated eggplant salad and its da

i also got a cup of vegetarian chili to start

Love the raw jalepenos on top:)

And for my meal i just got another appetizer

the deconstructed sushi..GAH this is so good..its ahi tuna served with cucumber, pickled ginger, and seaweed salad

I pretty much order the same 3 things ever time I go to homegrown..

And guess who I get to see tomorrow?!


I’m going home tomorrow for the weekend and I am SO excited!

My mom told me today she told Lucy I was coming home (how mean of her right?!) and Lucy apparently started freaking out and went to the front door and started barking

she loves me SOO much

So the next time we’ll chat is when I’m back home in Boston tomorrow night!



Question for ya!: Do you have any items on your “spring clothing wish list”?

pinterest has been the death of me I want to buy every single cute spring outfit!





7 Comments on “Impulse Buys=Success!”

  1. Absolutely LOVE that dress!!!! Soooo cute. Holy crap, pinterest and tumblr clothes are the best. I wish every time I re-pinned or re-blogged they went into my closet. Yayyy have so much fun at home! 🙂

  2. Chelcie, that dress is SO CUTE!!!! Oh my gosh. I’m always scared of ordering stuff online, but isn’t it nice when it fits perfect?! You look amazing!

  3. I love that pink dress! It’ll be perfect for spring/summer. Oh, and the first 3 miles for me are usually the hardest…lameeee

  4. I really want to get a pair of Tom’s. They look so cute for the summer!

    Yeah Boston! 😛

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