Hi everyone!

So it’s currently 6am and Molly and I are sitting at our gate getting ready to fly to Miami!!


Beach, sun, fun in the sun, I can’t wait!!

Sorry if I don’t make any sense right now I’ve only drank about 1/4 of my coffee

But anywho back tracking to yesterday..

I had my first Wawa hoagie!!


I got a turkey 6inch sub with honey mustard, avocado, lettuce, tomato, red peppers, and banana peppers

Next time j think I’ll get just a regular sandwich instead of a sub because I didn’t really eat any of the roll

Wawa is amazing

And yesterday around 5 Molly and I drove to our friend Shelby’s house to spend the night because she kindly offered to drive us to the airport this morning!!

As soon as we got there we dug into some chips and “guac-a-salsa”..which is basically an amazing mixture of salsa and chopped avocado!


Me and Molly dominated this entire good!!

And for dinner we had Shelby’s moms homemade red sauce!


It was so yummy!! The meatballs were so delicious nom nom nom

So I’m blogging from my phone right now cause my Internet won’t connect at the airport but I do plan on blogging a couple times while I’m in Florida but maybe not every day I’m there!

So you’ll here from me soon as I’m laying on the beach, drink in hand:)

I hope everyone has a great day!!’


7 Comments on “It’s EARLY”

  1. Ahh have fun in Miami!!!

  2. Hey welcome to my hometown!! Feel free to email me {} if you have any questions, or tell me more or less what you are interested in doing maybe I can help 😉 But there is lots of fun all around here.

  3. Francesca H says:

    blogging from the phone #dedication

    lol, love the you posts 🙂

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