Notes from Miami

if this was my view every morning when i went for a run..I would go for runs WAY more often


when drinks this large are 2 for $25 dollars..its actually a good deal when your in South beach..bahama mama’s are where its at people

meet my new puppy..kidding. But a man was walking around selling him for $250..UGH it was so least we got to cuddle for a little bit

a two mile walk to get to a rooftop pool was 100% worth it..

Me and moll at dinner last night:)

these were coconut shrimp with some yummy mango mustard..but for 3 shrimp it was $13.95..seriously? #goingbroke

this was my lunch today. The most fruit and vegetables I’ve consumed since I’ve gotten here..

Molly tried to convince me that there was a serving of fruit in her Mango Daquiri

uhhh..okay moll

But I never want to leave

vacation is awesome




5 Comments on “Notes from Miami”

  1. EveryCraving says:

    Looks like an amaaazing time! That puppy is too cute to pass up. Only 250!?

  2. Such a cute puppy! Enjoy your spring break! Breaks are one of the few things I still miss from undergrad lol

  3. As ridiculously priced as the shrimp is, it looks SO good!! And they look pretty big!

    What a cute puppy. 🙂

  4. Lindsay Irwin says:


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