Miami adventures


Sorry I’ve been kind of MIA..ive just been enjoying my vacation here in south beach:)

I want to tell you about the past 2 dinners I’ve had they were both so good!

On Friday night we went to Rosa Mexicana, which I highly recommend checking out! I’m pretty sure they have restaurants in NYC and other parts of Florida

We started out with sangria and guac to share


Classic red just doesn’t get any better!!

Oh and the guac..omg rosa Mexicana they come over to the table and make it to order right in front of you!!


Even though I took a picture of her in a sketch way she kind of smiled a little! What a pal

Me and Molly asked for the Guac to be spicy!


Holy guacamole our mouths were on fire! But in a good way of course!

And for our meals I got a shrimp dish and Molly got a barbecue tuna salad and we both split them


I forgot to snap a picture of the tuna salad but both dishes were SO delicious!!

Yesterday night we went to a Cuban restaurant called David’s cafe

I love trying new cuisines so I was really excited!

The restaurant is definitely more of a “locals” joint which I love!

I got grilled tilapia with a side salad and “Moros” which was a mixture of rice and beans


The fish had like a creole spice on it, it was so delicious!


And a basic side salad to get some greens in..definitely necessary after this trip!

And after dinner we went and got some gelato from the place the jersey shore cast worked at when they stayed in Miami! Cool right?!

Don’t worry there were no pauly D or pregnant snooki appearances

But the gelato wasn’t bad! I got some kind of chocolate hazelnut flavor


It was kind of a waste though because I took 2 bites and realized I was too full to eat it..oh well!

And last night I went to the university of Miami to visit my best friend Sam! Oh and we went to a paint party..

This is what we ended up looking like..


Selfiez hayyy

We’re so cool…nahtttt

For our last day today we decided we had had enough beach time and decided to go out to breakfast and then walk around south beach


For breakfast I got an egg white, mushroom, spinach, and goat cheese freaking good..especially when downed in hot sauce

When we walked over to Lincoln mall road we stopped into an Ice cream shop and I got a scoop of salted caramel..I never eat regular ice cream and it tasted pretty freaking awesome

And for a late lunch Molly and I shared a small plain pizza

I was seriously craving pizza last night ( at like 1am mind you) but I didn’t end up getting any so this pizza tasted great!

So many yummy eats in Miami! And drinks of course..:)

Oh and the expression of the trip has been YOLO

You only live once!

Amen to that Sista

I’ll be back in del tomorrow with a final trip recap!


2 Comments on “Miami adventures”

  1. Alexandra says:

    Dang that gelato and tilapia sound amazing 🙂 Looks like you’re having such a blast!

  2. I’m glad you’re having a great time in Florida!

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