New Panera Finds

hi friends!

Happy good friday!

so last night for dinner I went to Panera and I actually tried something NEW!

i got the you pick 2 chicken tortilla soup and barbeque chicken salad 

the soup was SO good! normally I always get the chicken noodle soup and the thai chicken salad but I switched it up and I’m happy I did! The salad was yummy also but I still like the thai chicken salad better:)

the soup is my new favorite though..SO good

And since I didn’t eat my bread I decided it was acceptable to get some fro yo after:)

i haven’t had fro yo in a while! and by a while I mean like 2 weeks..sad life

I got chocolate and vanilla with bananas, raspberries, dark chocolate chips, pb chips and a few mini m&m’s..nom nom nom

i love fro yo.

And last night we celebrated the new girls in my sorority being initiated!

me and my little:) case your wondering why I’m in a pinny..I was going to a lax bro themed party..but I didn’t actually end up going to the party..

so I basically just looked like a tool for no reason

like my sneaks? they’re pretty ghetto and cool..I designed them myself in like the 8th grade..

this morning I wasn’t feeling to great but a quick gym sesh after class made me feel 10 million times better!

I did 25 minutes on the elyptical and then completed this arm weight circuit


woah baby my arms were shot after this!


I’m about to drive to Annapolis, Maryland to my cousins house for the weekend!

I’m so excited to celebrate Easter with my family and eat lots of yummy food:)

I decided not to bring my computer along but I will be sure to take lots of pictures and share them with you on Monday

i hope everyone has a great weekend!


Question for ya!: Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?



7 Comments on “New Panera Finds”

  1. I ALWAYS always get the black bean soup at panera. My absolute faaaavorite! I love the thai salad too, but have you tried the fuji apple chicken? so good. Happy Easter!

  2. Alexandra says:

    Sounds like such a fun night, especially with froyo involved 😉 Have a wonderful weekend with your family!!

  3. Alicia says:

    I recently tried the tortilla soup and FELL IN LOVE! definitey my new favorite! 😀 as far as salads go I usually get the chopped chicken cobb, I never venture out and try others out of fear that I’ll be disspointed! But I have a couple of friends who love the Thai chicken salad! 🙂
    && YAY for from fro-yo!

  4. ittybitsofbalance says:

    I’m a huggeeee Panera fan, and had no clue that they even HAD a chicken tortilla soup!!! lets see if I can look past my beloved black bean.

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