Amazing Pizza + Trader Joes trip


So I wasn’t going to post again till Monday because I’m in Annapolis for Easter but I decided I would do a quick post from my phone to fill you in on all the excitement from yesterday

Yesterday at afternoon we made a trip to the best place on earth



I told my mom instead of an Easter basket this year because after all I am getting a little too old for the Easter bunny..

I’d get a bunch of trader joes goodies courtesy of my mommy instead! I got lots of goodies but here are some of the highlights


I got
-cocoa almond butter (i can’t wait to try this!!
-curry simmer sauce
-pb filled pretzels
-almond flax seed butter
-pumpkin butter
-organic tricolor quinoa
-harvest cous cous blend
-dark chocolate pb cups..because there is no Easter without some delicious candy:)

For dinner last night we went to an amazing local restaurant called the Vin wine cafe

The place opens at 5:30 and when we got there, there was already a line forming out the door to get in!


Ps this is totally the kind of restaurant I would love to own some day!

When you walk in there is a huge wine bar in the front


So cool!

And they also had a separate bar that you can eat at and get a view of the chefs cooking!


I love restaurants with an open kitchen because then you know they keep everything extremely neat and clean!

We ate on the outdoor patio that was screened in


The menu was simple but full of eclectic options


I love how at the bottom of each item they shared a fun little caption about the food

We got a lot of different items for the whole table to share


The tuna tar tar had sliced almonds in it and was topped with a thin slice of blood orange..holy of the best tuna tar tars I’ve ever had

The other item was a house made warm mozzarella..Homemade mozzarella has so much more flavor!

We also got an order of the blue crab rolls and clams which were equally as good

The main event were the 2 pizzas we ordered


This pizza was called “The Ranchero” which had roasted pork belly, sweet onions, pickled Serrano peppers, barbecue sauce, mozzarella, and provolone


I seriously haven’t had pizza this good is such a long time. The crust was so thin and so crispy! Just how I like it!

I was in a serious food coma after dinner last night but it was so worth it!

Alrighty time to go decorate some Easter eggs!


9 Comments on “Amazing Pizza + Trader Joes trip”

  1. Amy says:

    I’m with you, Trader Joe’s makes me so happy! I always leave with a bag or two and a smile!!!

  2. I have that cocoa almond butter & it’s delicious!

    I’m 26 & not too old for an Easter basket! 😉 But I do like your idea of stocking up on yummy food instead!

  3. So jealous, I’m dying to go to a trader joes! Everything looks amaaazing.

  4. Yummm I love thin and crispy kinds of pizza! We just tried a new local pizza restaurant last night and it was really good. It had charred broccoli and cauliflower on top! So good!

  5. EveryCraving says:

    Ohhh my goodness. That pizza does look amazing! That crust…

  6. That almond butter you bought at TJs is my most favorite kind! Good choice girl 🙂 And that pizza… yum to say the very least

  7. Lindsay Irwin says:


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